10 Tips How Do You Communicate With An Insecure Person

Everyone has some insecurity. For some, it’s more than others. You know that feeling when you’re on the verge of tears and you can’t figure out why? We all get there sometimes, but for people who are insecure, they might find themselves in this state often. This article will give 10 tips to help communicate with someone who is insecure so that the two of you can build a stronger bond.

Recognize their emotions.

People who are insecure may not share much about what they feel or need because they don’t want to be judged; instead, they bottle up their feelings until something triggers them and then everything comes pouring out at once. When this happens, try to understand where the person is coming from rather than dismissing their emotions. They might seem irrational or out of proportion, but try to remember that this is a sign of insecurity manifesting itself in the moment.

Don’t dismiss what they say.

Just like when you dismiss someone’s feelings, dismissing what they say will only create more tension. Again, it might seem irrational or out of proportion to you, but if the person is also insecure then this is how they feel. If that’s the case, just listen without judgment and let them know that they can continue talking to you whenever they need to so that the two of you can work on building a stronger bond. Remember that they may just want you to understand what they’re going through rather than trying to change their mind completely.

Try not to blame yourself for their insecurity.

People who are insecure often don’t trust people easily because they’ve had bad experiences with other people in their lives; however, this doesn’t mean that everything is your fault or that there’s something wrong with you specifically. This may be frustrating for you, especially if they’re blaming everything on you, but remember that this is just their insecurity coming out. If it continues to be your fault or if they try to project their insecurities onto you, then this might be a sign of something more serious than just general insecurity .

Be supportive without taking responsibility for them.

Insecurity can make it hard for people to feel as if they’re being supported, even though they need support from those who care about them. If you want to help someone who is insecure, then let them know that you’re there for them and try not to take their feelings personally. Insecure people will often reject your help because they don’t want to appear weak, but if you can get them to accept your help then that might be a sign of trust.

Don’t try to change their negative thoughts about themselves.

This might be difficult because you don’t want the person to feel bad, but trying to change their opinion can be dangerous . If someone is insecure, they may have a lot of negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities; however, this isn’t something that you should try to change. Instead, listen to them. Let them know that you’re there for them no matter what and that their opinion of themselves shouldn’t change unless they want it to.

Ask them what they need from you.

People who are insecure may not know how to ask for help, even if they need it. This can make it difficult to build a stronger bond because the two of you won’t be able to work as well as you could otherwise. If their insecurity starts disrupting your day or causing unnecessary tension between the two of you, then find out what they need from you. You could ask them what they need to feel better or what they think will help them build their confidence; if it’s something that you can do, try your best to make it happen for them. This might not solve the problem entirely, but it will at least let them know that you care about their well-being and want to help them.

Try not to be judgmental.

Nobody likes being judged, especially when they feel insecure and vulnerable. If you come across as judgmental or condescending while trying to communicate with someone who is insecure, it will only make the tension worse. Instead of judging their actions and behaviors, try asking them why they feel or acted a certain way. This way, the two of you can avoid unnecessary tension and come up with a solution that works for both of you.

Be patient.

Insecurity can be difficult to deal with because insecure people can have a lot of trouble communicating their feelings. If the person you’re trying to communicate with is also insecure, then this makes matters even worse. It’s important to try your best not to let yourself become impatient or annoyed, especially if they seem like they don’t trust you at all. Remember that insecurity could make it hard for them to understand why you’re being supportive and understanding, so give them time to adjust instead of expecting immediate results .

Let them know that you’re always willing to help.

People who are insecure often feel like they can’t rely on anyone because they believe that nobody cares about their well-being; however, this isn’t true. If you care about the person and want to be there for them no matter what, then make sure that they know about it. Let them know that you care about their opinions and feelings, even if they don’t always share tem with others. If you let them know that you’re always there to help, then they might find it easier to trust you and open up more.

Let them know that you won’t become angry if they disagree with you.

One thing that people who are insecure might worry about is appearing weak or incompetent in front of others, including those they love. Because of this, it can be difficult for someone to confide their feelings in others, even if the two of you are close. If you let them know that disagreeing with your opinion won’t make you angry, then they might feel more comfortable opening up to you about how they really feel. This will make it easier to build trust and work together as a team .

Conclusion: Communication with someone who is insecure can be difficult; however, it won’t always be impossible. If you make sure to be sensitive and understanding while communicating with someone who feels like they can’t do anything right, then the two of you will eventually find a happy medium that works for both of you. Remember to avoid being judgmental and impatient and instead focus on listening to what they need from you and asking what they’re comfortable with. Apply these tips if you want to improve your communication skills and strengthen your bond by doing so!