10 Ways To Release Bad Energy

When you are frustrated, it is important to release the negative energy. There are many ways to do this. Some people write in a journal or find something to smash, while others go for a long walk or talk out their feelings with someone they trust. No matter what method you choose, just remember that if you don’t release your anger and frustration it will only build up until one day it all explodes at once!

So before that happens make sure you know how to let off some steam without hurting yourself or anyone else around you. We’ve compiled 10 different ways for you to get rid of that pent-up anger, from beating a punching bag to board breaking. It’s important not to keep the pressure bottled up inside or it will make you sick!

Punching Bag

This is the most common tool for releasing bad energy. If you are looking to get out all your aggression in a healthy way, then grab some boxing gloves and head over to your local gym or punching bag at home. Take deep breaths while focusing on where you want to hit the bag, only using your fists. If you do not have access to one, you can always go out onto your porch and punch your post, or even just hit an old mattress with some boxing gloves on. Punching something hard is great for releasing anger in a way that does no damage to yourself or others. 

Physical Activity

Sometimes the best way to release bad energy is through exercise. Take the focus off of what you are angry about by running, biking, swimming, or rock climbing. Not only will this help you release frustration, but also it will get your endorphins going and give you a little break from everyday life. It can be a great way to clear your head and help you find a solution to the issue that is causing your anger. Remember even if you are mad at someone else exercise will help bring out those good feels inside of you so that when you finish you won’t want to punch anything in sight! 

Screaming and Hitting Pillows

Taking deep breaths and screaming into pillows can be very effective at releasing tension and frustration. As weird as this sounds it releases some of the pressure. We all know how good it feels to scream into pillows, but make sure you are doing it in a safe place. Do not try this on your bed where the pillows are softer unless you want to fall off and break your nose!

Running Water

Sometimes the best therapy is simply being near running water. When you can’t take a day to go out and play in the ocean, or even a quick swim this can be the next best thing. You can also try going outside and just listening to the sound of raindrops falling from the sky, or taking a trip to the local water park. This is another great way to get rid of bad energy because it has been proven that being around nature helps you relax and release stress.


Take a moment to freeze in place. Put your hands up, hold your breath, and stand still until you calm down. This is helpful because it forces you to think about what you are doing instead of continuing to fume over the issue that is making you angry. Once you feel yourself starting to calm down begin this exercise again but with deep breathing. Try to take deep breaths for about a minute and focus on how you want to release your anger. Remember this is not the time to get even with someone else, but instead, what can you do to help yourself feel better?

Laughing Yoga

This is a great option for those that are looking to get rid of stress but do not feel comfortable with some of the other options on this list. Simply grab your favorite movie and plop down on your couch or bed, make sure you have access to a T-shirt, and start watching! Watch as much as you can until the DVD stops playing, then freeze like you were told before and let out a super loud laugh! Not only will this bring up good feelings inside of you, but it is also a great way to release bad energy throughout your whole body.

Healthy Competition

Sometimes the best way to get rid of anger is through competition with yourself or someone else going head to head! This could include running races against other runners, trying new recipes and seeing who can eat the most, or even trying to beat your high score on your video game of choice. This is a great way to release stress because a healthy competition has a lot of good energy inside of it and will make you feel better after!

Write It Out

This activity should be done in a safe place where no other people will try and bother you, as you might want to yell or scream while doing this one! Sitting down at your desk with paper and pen, write all of the bad things that are making you angry about today. You can also do this by writing about something from the past that made you mad but is now stuck in your head again. When you start writing it out it becomes clear why it is bothering you, and your anger starts to go back down.

Scream It Out!

This might sound like your mother when she is yelling at you when your room isn’t clean, but screaming into pillows is something that can help when releasing bad energy. Simply take deep breaths and scream as loud as possible until all of the frustration has been released. There’s no limit to where you can do this either, so feel free to scream into pillows or even into an empty swimming pool. You might even want to try screaming into pillows, all while watching a scary movie! This is a great way to release stress because most people feel better after they have screamed out whatever was bothering them.

Board Breaking

This is a great way to release frustration and bad energy because it requires you to do something physical so you will be tired out after. The last thing you want when trying to release pent-up anger is for your body to still have the same energy inside of it, so this activity will solve that problem! You can try breaking anything from wood planks over concrete cinder blocks, but the most common board being broken is wood followed closely by cork boards. When choosing what type of board to break always keep safety in mind by wearing proper protection on your hands and feet if needed. Remember, whatever gets done has to be undone, so clean up any messes afterward!


So there you have 10 different ideas for how you can release bad energy and frustration through healthy competition, writing, screaming into pillows, or an empty pool. There are tons of ways to get rid of that pent-up anger, so be creative with your imagination and even more stories will come from it! Remember to take care of yourself and above all, stay safe.

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