10 Ways To Stay Selfless

The best thing you can do for your mental health is to try and be selfless. In a world that often makes it hard to focus on the needs of others, being selfish becomes a way of life. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are many ways in which we can live a more selfless life and reap the benefits of doing so. Here are 10 ways you can stay selfless-ways that will make you feel better about yourself while also helping those around you.

Volunteer your time

Volunteering is a great way to show your community that you care. You can donate as little as one hour or as much as you want, depending on the organization and what they need. This can be anything from helping out at a local soup kitchen to spending time with elderly people in a nursing home. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. Volunteering allows you to be of service without expecting anything in return, which is really what selflessness is all about!

Donating your stuff is a great way to declutter your life while also helping someone in need. You can donate clothes, furniture, books, toys-just about anything! Many organizations will gladly accept your donations and put them to good use. This is a great way to give back to your community and help those who are less fortunate. It’s also a convenient way to get rid of items you no longer use or need, but are taking space in your home!

Give food to the hungry

Believe it or not, many people in this world go to bed hungry every night simply because they don’t have enough food for themselves and their families. This is unacceptable, which is why many charitable organizations are working together to help feed the homeless and needy in their communities. You can donate food or even prepare a meal for someone who might be struggling with hunger. If you have the time and resources, it’s nice to spend an afternoon cooking up some food to share with others. You can make a difference in someone’s life by simply giving them something to eat.

Give your money to a good cause

Money is one of the most powerful things we have, and it can be used to do a lot of good in this world. If you’re looking for a way to give back, donating your money to a good cause is a great way to do it. Many organizations work tirelessly to make the world a better place, and they need your help! You can donate money to help build homes for the homeless, send children to school, provide medical care for those who can’t afford it-the list goes on and on. When you donate your money, you’re helping make the world a better place for somebody else.

Be of service to those around you

One of the best ways to be selfless is to put others’ needs before your own and be of service to those around you. You can do this by simply being kind and helpful. You don’t need to go out of your way to do something extraordinary; simply being nice and putting a smile on somebody’s face can go a long way. The world needs more kindness, so be kind whenever you can! It doesn’t cost anything, but it has the power to brighten up someone’s day.

Speak well of others

Another great way to be selfless is to maintain positive relationships with those around you. Speak well of others, even if they have wronged you in some way. If you have nothing nice to say about somebody, don’t say anything at all! As we know, words can cut deep and ruin a person’s reputation. Don’t contribute to the negativity in this world, but rather contribute positivity and kindness. Being selfless means having the willingness to put somebody else’s needs before your own, even if they’ve wronged you in some way.

Put others’ happiness before yours

Another great way to be selfless is to put somebody else’s happiness before your own and make their life a little bit better. You don’t have to be a martyr and make all kinds of personal sacrifices, but it’s nice to spend some time making somebody else happy. It feels good to make others feel good, so do this whenever you can. Be selfless by putting your happiness aside and doing something nice for somebody else!

Give your time to others

Giving your time to somebody is sometimes more helpful than giving material possessions. You can give your time by simply talking to someone who might be lonely, baking cookies for the neighborhood children, or volunteering at an animal shelter. There are many ways you can give your time. If you want to be selfless, then focus on giving your time to others. It’s a valuable commodity that not many people have, so use it wisely!

Forgive others

Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. If you want to be selfless, then you need to learn how to forgive others for their trespasses. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget what somebody did or that you have to continue associating with them. It simply means that you’re choosing to let go of the anger and resentment you feel towards them. Forgiving somebody doesn’t mean that you’re condoning their actions, but it does mean that you’re choosing to move on and be happier.


Last but not least, one of the simplest ways to be selfless is to smile! A smile can light up a room and make somebody’s day. It’s a simple act of kindness that costs nothing, but it can mean so much to somebody else. If you’re feeling down, smile anyway. It might seem like a small gesture, but your smile can brighten up somebody’s day!


So, these are 10 ways that you can stay selfless in your everyday life. It’s not always easy to put somebody else’s needs before your own, but it’s worth it! If you want to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, then try practicing some of these selfless behaviors. You’ll feel good about yourself for doing so!

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