15 Reason Why You Can’t Get Motivated

It can be really hard to get motivated sometimes. It could be because of the endless distractions that are out there, or maybe it’s because our attention span is so short these days. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself struggling to find motivation in anything-which is why I’ve put together this list of 15 reasons why you might not be motivated, and tips on how to get your motivation back!


This is the main reason why I have trouble being motivated. It actually has a lot to do with an issue that I have in my life where I don’t sleep enough-which means that when I wake up, I’m already exhausted. And because of this exhaustion, it’s often hard for me to stay awake long enough to get anything done-let alone try to complete something difficult like finding motivation. So if you’re struggling with this one, make sure your bedtime isn’t too late (or you’re keeping yourself busy at night), and also make sure you get plenty of exercise during the day to keep your energy levels up.

You’re Afraid Of Failure

When we’re afraid of failure, it’s very difficult for us to be motivated to do anything because we’re so worried about not succeeding. This means that we’ll be more likely to avoid challenging tasks altogether, which is definitely not good for our motivation levels. So try to find a way to deal with your fear of failure, such as by writing down your fears and then coming up with a plan on how you’ll overcome them. And if you still find that you’re struggling, talk to a therapist about it!


While negativity isn’t always a bad thing (I believe in embracing my struggles), it can be problematic when you’re feeling negative about everything around you. This is because it’s hard to be motivated when you’re in a negative mindset, because you’ll feel like you can’t do anything right. So if this is an issue for you, then I suggest working on your self-confidence and try to find some positive things in your life to focus on.

Not Enough Challenges

This one goes back to what I was saying before about our attention spans being short. If everything is too easy for us, then we’re not going to be as motivated because there’s no challenge. And this definitely applies to our work lives-if we’re doing the same job day in and day out and it’s not challenging us, then we’re not going to be as motivated to do it. So find ways to make your work life more challenging, whether it’s by taking on new projects or trying something new.


If we’re not challenged in our lives, then we can start to feel bored-and when we’re bored, it’s hard to be motivated. This is because boredom often causes us to daydream and not focus on the task at hand, which will make it difficult to get anything done. So if you find yourself feeling bored often, try adding more excitement into your life by doing things that you enjoy or by hanging out with friends and family.


While perfectionism can be a good thing, it can also be a hindrance when it comes to being motivated. This is because perfectionism often causes us to only focus on the flaws of something, which will make it difficult for us to complete any challenges. So if this is an issue for you, then try working on your self-confidence and try looking at things in a different way by focusing on the positive aspects instead of the negative ones.

A Lack Of Focus

If you’re not able to spend enough time focusing on one thing rather than trying to work on multiple tasks at once, then that can definitely have an effect on your motivation levels. This is because when we’re trying to do too many things at once, it can be hard for us to stay organized and get everything done appropriately-which means that our work life isn’t going to be as productive as it could be. So try to focus on one task at a time, and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, then take a break.


This is definitely one of the biggest reasons why people can’t get motivated. Procrastination often causes us to put off tasks until the last minute, which will make it difficult for us to complete them because we’re rushed. And not only is this bad for our work life, but it’s also bad for our mental health because we’re constantly stressing ourselves out. So if this is an issue for you, then I suggest reading this article on how to stop procrastinating .

You Think You Can’t Do It

If you went through a setback recently, then it’s understandable that you would have the mindset of “I can’t do this”. But while there are some people out there who truly can’t do something (for example, if they’re having a mental health day), most of us will be able to get over our struggles and accomplish what we need to. And when we believe in ourselves, it makes it easier for us to complete any challenges we face. So rather than seeing your setbacks as the end-all-be-all, try believing in yourself and telling yourself that you can overcome your struggles!

Your Environment Isn’t Ideal

Your environment going to play a huge role in how motivated you’ll be to complete challenges, and it can make all the difference in the world. For example, if your working environment is a mess and it’s very distracting, then you’re going to have a hard time focusing on getting work done-which will not only hurt your motivation levels, but it can also hurt your performance levels as well. So try to organize things where you work so that they’re easier for you to focus on-and if necessary, bring headphones so that you don’t get distracted by outside noises!

You Don’t Have A Support System

Having a support system around us can help motivate us when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or lost. These people are the ones who will encourage us and tell us that we can do it, which is why it’s important to have them in our lives. So if you don’t have anyone like that in your life, then try joining a support group or talking to your friends and family more often so that they know what’s going on in your life.

You’re Stressed Out

When we’re stressed out, it’s very difficult for us to be motivated because all of our energy is going towards trying to manage our stress. This means that we’re not going to be able to focus on completing any tasks at hand, which will definitely cause our motivation levels to drop. So if this is an issue for you, then try practicing some relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation-or even just taking a break to do something fun!

You Haven’t Taken A Break In Awhile

It’s very important that we take breaks throughout the day so that we can rejuvenate ourselves and come back to our tasks with fresh energy. If, however, you haven’t taken a break in a while and you’re feeling burnt out, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to get motivated. So try taking a break for at least 15 minutes every few hours, and make sure that during that time you’re doing something that relaxes you!

You’re Depressed

If you’re feeling depressed, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to have enough motivation to complete anything. This is because depression uses up so much of our energy, and since we don’t have the energy to try new things or accomplish goals, it can definitely take a toll on our motivation levels. So if this is an issue for you, I suggest reading this article about how to overcome depression . And if that doesn’t work, then talk to your doctor about medication-most people don’t realize that medication can actually help manage their depression long-term!

You’re Unhappy

Similarly, if you’re unhappy with your life, then you’re going to find it very difficult to be motivated to do anything. This is because when we’re unhappy, we tend to see our lives as a big mess and we don’t feel like there’s anything that we can do to change things. So try to figure out what it is that’s making you unhappy and see if there are any steps you can take to change that. And if it seems impossible, then talk to a therapist about it-they can help you figure out why you’re unhappy and give you some tools for fixing the issue!

Thanks for reading! I hope this article was helpful. 🙂

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