19 Things That Damage Relationships

Bad habits are the root of many relationship problems.

Relationships can be damaged in a variety of ways, but there are some common bad habits that often lead to break-ups. Lying about important things is one of them, as is cheating or stealing from your partner. If you feel like your relationship might be on shaky ground, it’s worth examining these things that damage relationships so you can try to avoid them and get back on track with your significant other.

Here are the 19 things that damage relationships:


Lying is a bad habit that can destroy almost any relationship over time. If you’re lying about anything, no matter how small it seems, your partner might start to catch on and wonder what else you’ve been dishonest with them about. This will damage your bond as a couple because they won’t trust you anymore, even when you tell the truth.


Cheating is another one of those habits that is damaging for relationships. It’s honestly no surprise that cheating in a relationship often leads to break-ups or divorces, because it’s such a horrible thing to do – hurting someone who loves and trusts you just isn’t right!

Stealing from your significant other

Stealing is also a bad habit that can hurt your relationship. If you ever steal something from your partner, even if it’s small or seemingly inconsequential, they will certainly find out about it eventually. Then what are you going to do? Keep on stealing things so they don’t notice? That’s not a good idea because eventually they’ll realize how much stuff is gone and the first place they’ll look is to you!

Showing more affection than usual

We all have our own idea of what proper levels of affection are supposed to be, but for some reason many people think that being overly affectionate with their significant other damages their relationship somehow. This isn’t true at all – often times showing too little affection can damage a relationship!

Not listening to your partner

Not listening is another common problem that damages relationships, especially because the person who isn’t listening usually doesn’t even realize it. It’s very easy to get caught up in your own little world and not pay attention to something that’s going on right in front of you, but not caring about what your partner has to say is a surefire way to damage a relationship.

Never saying sorry

This might seem like an odd thing to do when talking about things that damage relationships, but never apologizing after doing something wrong is actually one of those bad habits that will slowly eat away at you and your partner over time. Saying sorry shows them that you understand when you’ve made a mistake, and it allows you to fix things before they get out of hand.

Bringing up past mistakes

Making new mistakes is bad enough, but bringing up old ones again and again is even worse! If you keep harping on something your partner did in the past, especially if they’ve already apologized for it, then you are definitely inflicting some damage to your relationship. You need to let go of old mistakes sometimes so that you can move forward together as a team.

Not communicating with each other

Not talking about important issues can also damage relationships over time – this often leads to both partners being unhappy because there’s always tension that neither one is willing or able to talk about! Keeping silent destroys any hope that your relationship might have of getting better and only makes things worse in the long run.


Nagging is one of those things that can start off small but quickly become a huge problem in a relationship. If you’re always nagging your partner about something, then they’re going to get really sick of it – and probably start avoiding you altogether. This will damage your relationship because it will be based on negativity instead of happiness and love.

Being defensive

When your partner expresses themselves to you, it’s important to listen to them and not just get defensive right away. If you’re always putting up a wall every time they try to talk to you, then they’re eventually going to stop talking altogether. This will damage your relationship because not having open communication will destroy any chance of getting closer to one another.

Pushing them away

On the other side, sometimes people get so caught up in their own feelings that they push their partner away instead of pulling them closer. This is a huge mistake and can lead to a lot of problems down the line – destroying your relationship!

Not showing enough affection

As we already discovered, different people need and want different levels and types of affection than others do, so always try to ask yourself whether what you’re doing is pushing them away or bringing them closer before you act on something!

Never making the effort to do anything fun or romantic

Although this can be a bit difficult when you’re both working and busy with life, your relationship will soon start dying if all you ever do is go to work and then come home and go straight to bed. Making the time and effort every once in a while will help keep that spark alive – just don’t overdo it!

Getting into arguments too often

Fighting is a natural part of any relationship, but if you’re always fighting then it’s definitely damaging it. Not only does this put a lot of stress on both parties, but it also ruins any chance of getting closer to one another. In order to repair the damage, you need to learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

Making assumptions

When we start making assumptions about our partner without actually talking to them about it, that’s when things start going downhill fast. This is often because our assumptions are usually wrong, and instead of communicating with them we just jump to conclusions and end up hurting their feelings.

Judging them

We all know that judging someone is never a good thing, and yet so many of us do it anyways. If you’re constantly judging your partner for the things they do, then you’re not going to be happy in the relationship for very long. Judging someone means that you don’t accept them for who they are, and that’s a pretty big mistake.

Not trusting them

If you can’t trust your partner then there’s no point in being in a relationship with them – it will only lead to unhappiness and distrust. This is one of the most damaging things that you can do to a relationship, so make sure that you trust your partner as much as possible!

Not apologizing

This one might seem like common sense, but apologizing when you’ve done something wrong is actually really important in any relationship. If you never apologize then your partner will start feeling like they’re not valued or respected, and that’s definitely not a good thing. Saying sorry can sometimes be difficult, but always worth it in the end!

Blaming them for your problems

If you’re in a relationship then that means that the two of you are in this together – never try to blame them for your problems because it will damage the trust between you and make it hard for things to get better again. One day when they do something wrong, don’t be afraid to apologize!


By understanding these things that can damage a relationship, you can be sure that none of them are ever happening. Always have reminders of these tips in your head so that you can avoid damaging your relationships as much as possible! This will ensure that everything stays perfect for many years.