24 Ways to Give Without it Feeling Like an Obligation

You know how it feels when you do a nice thing for someone and they thank you? It’s all warm and fuzzy inside. But what if the person just does not want to be kind to you, but still thanks you? You feel like an idiot because that was your intention in being nice to them, but they didn’t really care about it.

Kindness should never have strings attached – so there are plenty of ways to give without it feeling like a burden! Here are 24 of them! The list includes personal acts of kindness as well as global ones.

Give your time

One of the best ways to give without it feeling like an obligation is to give your time. This could mean spending time with a friend or relative, helping out at a local charity, or even just doing something nice for a neighbor.

Donate your skills or knowledge

Do you have a skill or knowledge that you could donate to a good cause? Perhaps you’re an excellent cook and could volunteer your time in a soup kitchen. Or maybe you’re a whiz with computers and could offer your services to a local charity.

Give money to charity

The best way to give without making it feel like an obligation is to donate money to charity. Not only will you be helping those in need, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment!

Give food

Another great way to give without it feeling like an obligation is to give food. You could take some canned goods to your local food pantry, make a donation to a food bank.

Give to someone you know who’s less fortunate than you are.

Perhaps the easiest way to give without it feeling like an obligation is to donate to someone that you know personally, especially if they’re family or a friend. If your neighbor is having financial problems, why not help them out? Even if it’s just buying them lunch, it will be appreciated more than you could ever imagine – and won’t feel like an obligation!

Encourage others who also want to give back!

If you know of anyone else looking for ways to give without feeling obligated, send this article around so they can find 15 ways as well! The more people there are helping each other through giving without strings attached, the better off we’ll all be.

Give anonymously

One way to make sure that your act of kindness doesn’t feel like an obligation is to give anonymously. This could mean slipping some money into a homeless person’s cup, leaving flowers on someone’s doorstep, or donating to a charity without mentioning your name.

Give when you don’t really have the money to spare

One thing that can often stop us from giving is the feeling that we don’t have enough money to spare – but this doesn’t have to stop you! You can donate small amounts of money regularly, even if it’s just a few dollars each time. You could also donate clothes, toys, or other items you no longer need.

Give a gift

Another great way to give without it feeling like an obligation is to give a gift. This could be something as simple as a homemade card or cake, or something more expensive like jewelry or a piece of furniture.

Give your support

Sometimes the best thing you can give someone is your support. This could mean listening to them when they need to talk, helping them out when they’re struggling, or just being there for them in general.

Give your time to help others learn new skills

Are you good at teaching? Why not offer your time and skills to help others learn new things? You could volunteer at a local school, community center, or even online!

Give unwanted items to charity

Do you have clothes and other items that you no longer want or need? Why not donate them to charity, so that someone less fortunate can benefit from your unneeded belongings?

Give blood or plasma

Every day people are in need of an emergency transfusion – why not help out by giving blood (or plasma)? Blood banks across the country could always use more donors; check with your local hospital, clinic, or Red Cross chapter for opportunities near you!

Give to a friend or family member in need

Another good way to give without it feeling like an obligation is to help someone you know who’s struggling financially. Giving them a call, taking them out for lunch, or offering them your services (for free) are all wonderful ways of supporting those we love.

Give to those who can’t repay you

Another way of giving – and not making it feel like an obligation – is to help those who aren’t able to repay you. Perhaps they could clean your house or garden; maybe they could give their time and services for free. A good heart and a helping hand goes a long way!

Donate your belongings

If you’re moving, renovating, or just getting rid of a lot of stuff – why not donate it to charity? There’s a high chance that someone else will be able to benefit from those items, and they won’t go to waste!

Pay it forward

The best way to give without it feeling like an obligation is by simply doing something kind for someone else, with no strings attached. Pay it forward by smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, or helping someone carry their groceries. You never know when a small act of kindness will make someone’s day!

Give away your unwanted books

Love reading? Why not share the love by giving away books that you no longer want? A lot of charities and community centers will have a book swap, so you can donate your old reads and pick up some new ones!

Give away your unwanted stuff online

Don’t have the time or energy to organize a book swap? Why not give away your unwanted items on websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Freecycle? You could also place an ad in your local newspaper or shop window.

Pay for someone else’s meal

Still feeling like you want to give without it feeling like an obligation? Why not pay for someone else’s meal next time you go out with friends or family! This is sure to brighten their day – and hopefully yours too!

Pay for a stranger’s groceries in the store

If you’re going to the grocery store, why not pick up a few extra items and pay for them with your own money? You could even offer to help out by bagging or carrying their groceries!

Give anonymously online

Still wanting to give without it feeling like an obligation? Why not make giving easier by making it anonymous? There are lots of charities you can donate too without having to reveal who you are – here is a list .

Host a fundraiser for charity

Love throwing parties? Why not host a fundraiser for charity! Not only will you be doing good, but everyone attending will feel great about being able to support others in need.

Give your time to charity

Do you have skills or talents that you could donate to a local charity? If you don’t have any money to give, why not offer your time instead? This is a great way to feel good about giving back to your community!


Hopefully this list has given you some ideas of ways that you can give without it feeling like an obligation! Giving is one of the best things we can do for both ourselves and others, so go out and spread some love today! Thank you for reading!