25 Hacks How to Get Your Life Back on Track

It’s not easy to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Between work, family, and other obligations it can be hard to find time for yourself let alone figure out how to prioritize your needs. But you don’t have to give up everything important in order to regain control of your life!

Here are 25 hacks for getting your life back on track without giving up the things that are most important.

Take a break

Sometimes the best way to get your life back on track is to take a step back and reevaluate things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself to relax and clear your head. This can help you come up with a new plan of action.

Set boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Don’t let people take advantage of you and don’t overextend yourself. Know your limits and stick to them!

Simplify your life

One way to make life less stressful is to simplify it as much as possible. Cut down on the number of obligations you have, automate tasks whenever possible, and streamline as many daily tasks as possible.

Make a list of your priorities and stick to it!

It can be hard to manage all of the different parts of your life, but remember that they’re not equal in importance! Figure out which ones are most important and put those at the top of your list and focus on them first before worrying about the rest.

Prioritize sleep!

Getting enough sleep is so incredibly important for both physical and mental health- if you don’t, it will only make things worse. Try to go to bed earlier (and wake up earlier) to get the recommended amount of sleep every night. That way you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and tension. It also releases endorphins which make you feel happy and improve your mood. Find an activity that you enjoy and make it a regular part of your routine.

Eat healthy!

Eating unhealthy foods can not only make you feel sluggish and tired, but it can also cause stress and anxiety. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for optimal health.

Take some time for yourself!

This one is especially important- make sure to schedule some time each week just for you! This can be used for anything you want- reading, writing, painting, etc. Just make sure that it’s something that will help you relax and de-stress.

Connect with friends and family

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to connect with friends and family. Talk to them about your problems and listen to theirs- this can help you feel understood and supported.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

While these substances may seem to offer a quick fix, they only make things worse in the long run. Caffeine can cause anxiety and dehydration, while alcohol can lead to poor judgement and impulsiveness.

Take some time for meditation or prayer

This one may not be for everyone, but if it’s something that you’re interested in, it can be a great way to reduce stress levels. Meditation and prayer can help you connect with your inner peace and calmness.

Practice deep breathing exercises

Similar to meditation, deep breathing exercises can be a great way to relax and de-stress. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat as needed.


One of the best ways to reduce stress is to organize your life- this includes everything from your desk at work to your closet at home. When everything has its place, it’s less likely to cause stress or anxiety.

Reduce clutter at home and work

Believe it or not, a messy house or office can make you feel more stress- even if you don’t notice it! Plus, research has shown that people actually make better decisions when their surroundings are clean and organized.

Simplify your to-do list!

The simpler the to-do list the better! Try not to have too many tasks on there that aren’t important- then you’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Prioritizing is key here!

Say “no” whenever possible

When you’re feeling stressed, there may be a lot of opportunities coming your way but it’s important to remember that you can’t do everything! Saying “no” when you don’t have the time or energy is perfectly acceptable, and can actually help reduce stress in the long run.

Set realistic goals

Trying to accomplish too much at once can be very stressful- especially if you’re not able to complete them all! Try setting realistic goals that you know you can achieve and then gradually increase their difficulty as you feel more comfortable.

Delegate tasks whenever possible

This goes hand in hand with setting realistic goals- if you can’t do everything yourself, delegate tasks to others! This will help lighten your load and make life a little less stressful.

Use a planner/calendar

A planner or calendar can be extremely helpful when it comes to organizing your life and reducing stress. Make sure to write down all of your appointments, deadlines, and tasks so that you don’t forget anything important.

Get plenty of rest

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to prioritize sleep on a daily basis! Make sure that you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night for optimal health and reduced stress levels.

Practice some self-care

Self-care is extremely important when it comes to reducing stress and improving your quality of life overall. Whether this means getting a massage or taking time out of your day to do something you enjoy, make sure you’re doing what makes YOU happy!

Avoid stressful situations whenever possible

This one may be difficult, but if there are certain people or situations that always cause you stress, try to avoid them as much as possible! Not everything in life is worth stressing over, and some things are simply out of your control.

Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy foods is not only good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind! Eating junk food can actually increase stress levels, while eating nutritious foods can help reduce them.

Get outside when possible!

Spending time in nature is a great way to relax and reduce stress. Even when life gets crazy, taking a few minutes out of your day to get some fresh air can help you feel better overall.

Remember the little things

One of the most important things to remember during stressful times is that life goes on! Even though you may feel like everything has come crashing down around you, just remember that there are always good things happening too- sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective.


Stress is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean it has to control you. These 25 hacks will help get your life back on track, so you can focus on what’s really important! Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful and if you enjoyed it, please share 😉