35 Things You Should Stop Doubting Yourself About

Doubts come and go. You’ll have those moments when you start doubting yourself, thinking about how much better other people are than you. Even the most successful people have those moments, but they’re able to shake them off and go back to being happy with themselves. 

But if you’re always doubting yourself then it can be hard to feel confident in what you do or who you are as a person. So here are some things that everyone should stop doubting about!

Stop questioning whether your friends actually like you for who you are

Time and time again people start doubting their friendships, wondering whether they’ve been deceiving themselves all along. If you feel this way, talk to your friends about it because chances are they’re completely fine around you and wouldn’t want anything bad happening between the two of you. There’s a quote going around that says “a true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you become the best version of yourself.” So don’t forget your friends are there to help you out and vice versa!

Stop doubting your intelligence

One of the worst things that can happen is when someone doubts their own intelligence, especially when it comes to academics or work. If you’ve been doubting yourself in this area, start accepting compliments from others and remind yourself of all the times you’ve succeeded in the past. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes but that doesn’t mean you’re not smart!

Stop doubting your looks

This is something that a lot of people struggle with and it can be tough to get over. But remember that everyone is different and you shouldn’t be putting yourself down because of something you can’t change. There’s always room for improvement and we all need to make mistakes in order to learn, but don’t doubt your looks when there are people out there wishing they looked like you!

Stop doubting your skills

You might not be the best at everything but that doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. If someone has said something negative about what you’re skilled at, then it is simply their opinion and probably just because it makes them feel better about themselves to put others down. Don’t let their opinions get to you!

Stop doubting your abilities

Seriously, stop it right now! Everyone starts somewhere so if you think that everyone around you is better than you at something, it’s just because they have more experience. You’ll improve as time goes on and if you think you’re going to mess up, remember that everyone else did when they first started too!

Stop doubting your worth

If someone has ever made you doubt yourself or your abilities, then it’s probably because they don’t feel good about themselves either. Don’t let their problems become yours by dwelling on the past and thinking about all those people who have been there for you in the past. It’s definitely not worth feeling bad about yourself!

Stop doubting your future

If you’re always worried about what is to come or feel like you don’t know where you want to be in the future, make a plan for yourself! Write down some goals that you would like to achieve and then slowly work towards them. There’s no point in rushing because it won’t end well!

Stop doubting your friendships

“A true friend accepts who you are but also helps you become the best version of yourself.” So if someone has ever made you doubt your friendships, they aren’t probably not much of a good person to have around anyway. Real friends will be there for you through thick and thin so see them as family rather than just people to spend time with when you’re bored!

Stop doubting yourself in general

One way to stop this is to simply tell yourself that you don’t have anything to feel doubtful about because no one is perfect and everyone has flaws. This can be a hard thing to do but after a while it will be a habit so it won’t take much effort at all! It’s always worth putting yourself before others because you’ll only put more stress on your plate if you start worrying too much.

Stop doubting your actions

This can be difficult because it can feel like everyone else is questioning you and your decisions but if you think about it, no one really knows what’s going on inside your head or how you could’ve done something better because they weren’t there. Everyone has to make mistakes and learn from them and although things might not turn out the way you want them to, that doesn’t mean it will end up bad!

Stop doubting your talents

If people have ever said that you’re wasting your talent or that you should get more involved in something that interests you, then ignore them! It’s not their life so why would they care? You do what makes you happy, not anyone else!

Stop doubting your beliefs

Everyone has different opinions and some people may not agree with what you believe in but that doesn’t mean they’re right either because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If someone has ever made you feel bad for believing something then it’s probably best to look into why that might be because there’s a good chance it’s got nothing at all to do with what you actually believe!

Stop doubting yourself when going after your goals

This can be difficult because high achievers tend to have a lot of self-doubt but don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself or thinking about if others will think less of you! If you think a certain goal is worth achieving, then go out there and do whatever it takes to get there. Remember that it’s not going to be easy but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

Stop doubting your relationships

If you’ve ever been worried about ruining a relationship or feeling like you’re not good enough for someone, don’t worry because you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people doubt themselves when it comes to relationships but that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you! Just take things slow and if things don’t work out, that’s okay too because you’ll learn from the experience and move on.

Stop doubting your future children

If you’ve ever worried about how you’ll be as a parent and if your future children will like you, don’t worry because it always takes time to adjust to new things and that’s okay! You’re not alone in this situation because everyone feels this way but just try to take things one day at a time and remember that all parents love their children unconditionally no matter what!

Stop doubting yourself around new people

Everyone feels uncomfortable when meeting new people at first but it doesn’t make you a bad person or mean that there’s anything wrong with you! If someone has ever made you feel this way then stop worrying because they’re most likely just awkward themselves and are trying to act cool in front of their friends.

Stop doubting your life is worth living

Of course, it is! No matter what challenges come your way or how many times you’ve thought about ending it all, don’t give up because things will get so much better if you persevere through the tough times. If no one else can understand what your going through, seek out some help professionals who have dealt with similar things in the past.

Stop doubting your ability to be a good friend

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not as friendly or helpful as other people, don’t worry because everyone has different qualities! Being nice is all anyone can really ask for and if someone doesn’t see this about you, then they probably aren’t even worth your time at all! Just take it slow and eventually, things will get better.

Stop doubting yourself when trying something new

This can be difficult because change can be challenging but it’ll still be so rewarding once you’ve mastered whatever it was that was causing you doubt! Try something new every week or even just once a month if that’s what it takes but remember that everything can be learned if you put your mind to it.

Stop doubting that people actually like you

Do you ever feel like people only pretend to be your friend or act nice to your face but then talk behind your back? Well, stop doubting yourself and just believe that the vast majority of people out there are actually good people! If someone does happen to be talking behind your back, it’s probably because they’re jealous of something that you have or they don’t like something about you. Just brush it off and move on!

Stop doubting how much you’ve accomplished in life

You’ve come so far and done so many amazing things, don’t forget that! Every little accomplishment is worth celebrating so take a well-deserved break and enjoy what you’ve done. This is especially important to remember if you’re dealing with depression or anxiety because it will make you feel like your life doesn’t even matter when in reality, it’s all very significant!

Stop doubting yourself in social situations

Social interactions are nerve-wracking but the more you do them, the better they get! Just remember that everyone else feels uneasy too so it’s nothing personal, don’t take anything personally. Even if things do end up getting weird for whatever reason, just remember that everyone makes mistakes and there’s always room for improvement so keep at it!

Stop doubting your sense of humor

Everyone has different tastes in comedy but if someone doesn’t like your jokes, then they probably just aren’t funny! Jokes are supposed to be funny and if someone doesn’t get that then they’re not worth your time. Just keep joking around and eventually, you’ll find someone who appreciates your humor!

Stop doubting your artistic skills

You don’t have to be the next Picasso but that doesn’t mean you can’t create beautiful pieces of art! It might take a lot of practice and some constructive criticism but eventually, you’ll get better and better. Don’t be so hard on yourself and always remember that your artwork is a representation of you and no one else!

Stop doubting how attractive you are

You might not look like a model but that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful! Everyone has their own unique features and those are what make them special. If someone doesn’t appreciate your looks, then they’re not worth your time because superficial beauty is only skin-deep. You have a lot more to offer than that!

Stop doubting that you’re capable of achieving your goals

You’ve managed to get this far in life despite all the challenges you’ve faced so don’t doubt yourself now! If there’s something that you want to accomplish, then do everything you can to make it happen. Just keep moving forward and never give up on your dreams because no one else is going to help you achieve them but yourself.

Stop doubting your ability to make a difference in this world

You are significant and you can make a difference, no matter how small it might seem! Just by being yourself and living your life with intention, you’re making a positive impact on the world. You don’t need to do anything big or extraordinary, just keep doing what you’re doing and let your light shine.

Stop doubting that you’re enough

You are worthy, just as you are! You don’t need to change anything about yourself in order to be loved and accepted by others. You are already perfect in your own unique way and don’t forget that! Even if someone is trying to make you feel like you need to change yourself, don’t listen because they clearly don’t get what it means to be a loving and accepting person.

Stop doubting your passion

If there’s something that you love doing, then do it! Don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t worth your time or that whatever dream you have can’t come true. What matters more than anything is your happiness so if some people just happen not to understand, then screw ’em! When chasing down your dreams doesn’t sound appealing, just remember this: “It’s better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven’t!”

Stop doubting when making decisions

You might not be completely sure about what you’re doing but that’s OK! Sometimes, it takes some trial and error to figure things out so if things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, then it’s not a big deal. Just keep moving forward and you’ll eventually get where you want to go.

Stop doubting your life choices

If something seems like a mistake or if someone else is pressuring you into changing something great about yourself, ignore their negativity! It doesn’t matter whether your choice is career-related, relationship-related or anything of the sort because your happiness is all that matters. As long as you are living in alignment with your values and beliefs , then you are living an authentic life which is what really matters.

Stop doubting your parenting skills

You are doing the best you can and that is all that matters! There will be times where you feel like you’re screwing up but don’t worry, every parent goes through that. Just try to stay positive, learn from your mistakes and always put your child’s needs first. You’re going to make a great parent one day!

Stop doubting that you’re not alone

You might be going through a tough time but that’s okay because everyone goes through difficult times. Just don’t let it get to the point where you feel so helpless and alone, reach out to others who understand what you’re going through and they’ll help carry the burden with you!

Stop doubting that you’re not in control of everything 

This life is full of uncertainties and there are plenty of things that we cannot control, no matter how much we want to! That’s why it’s important to focus on the things that you can control instead of wasting your time worrying about all the other trivial stuff. As long as you are living an authentic life, doing what you love and being true to yourself, then nothing else should matter because at the end of the day, this is all just a little game called Life.


So stop worrying so much about the little things in life because there are bigger problems out there that need your attention. Don’t let people get inside your head and doubt your abilities. Remember, you are capable of anything as long as you believe in yourself! 🙂