How Do You Know When It Is Time To Push Back

It can be difficult to know when to push back. 

We are often faced with challenging situations that come about in the workplace, at home, or even out on the street. It is easy to just give in and go along with what’s being asked of you because it may feel like there is no other option available. You might find yourself in an undesirable position or worse, allowing someone to take advantage of you if you don’t push back when necessary!

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Push Back? Here are 13 signs that it is time to push back against a situation: 

You’re being taken advantage of

This is the easiest way to tell that you need to push back. If you find yourself constantly doing things for someone else because they are taking advantage of your good nature, it’s time to stop and say something. It doesn’t matter if this other person is a friend, family member or co-worker; if someone is acting like you should be doing all their work for them, while they sit back and enjoy life, then it is time to take a stand!

Your goals are not being met

When you first started your job, you likely had goals in mind for what you wanted to accomplish. If these goals are not being met because someone higher up on the food chain is getting in the way, then it is time to speak up and push back. Even if your boss suggests that your goals need to be adjusted, this should be something that you discuss with them before blindly accepting their one-sided word!

You cannot express yourself

Have you ever come across someone who constantly censors what they tell you? This is often a sign that they are uncomfortable, and the only reason they do not say something is that it might end badly for them. If this person has been holding back information from you and telling you that everything is fine when it isn’t, then perhaps it’s time to push back.

You are being manipulated

This can go hand in hand with feeling like you are being played by someone else. When we feel like we cannot express ourselves and speak truthfully to the people around us, it often is a sign that we are being manipulated by them. If someone is trying to bend your words or silence you then it is most likely time for you to speak up and push back!

Your family is stressed out

We often want what is best for our loved ones, but this also means trying to shield them from certain stressors in life while still letting them experience happiness. If you find that your family is constantly stressed out because of the choices you make, it may be time to push back and let them take some responsibility for their own lives. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to rely on you, but it does mean that they need to take more control of their actions.

You are making sacrifices for the wrong people

This may come as a surprise to some, but not everyone is worthy of your sacrifices. If you find yourself constantly doing things for someone else because this person feels entitled to your time and effort, but they do not reciprocate the same behavior back towards you, then it may be time to push back. You are an individual with a right to make choices about your own life!

You start feeling sick or unwell

If you find that you physically feel unwell when you are around certain people, it may be time to push back so that you can avoid them. Sometimes if we surround ourselves with the wrong people, their negative energy starts infecting us in a way that makes us sick. Even if this person is family or close friend, there are times when pushing back is necessary to maintain your health.

You are uncomfortable with what is happening

If you find that certain situations make you feel extremely uncomfortable, but everyone around you is not speaking up about their discomfort, then it may be time to speak up and push back on the group mentality. Often if we accept the word of others who appear confident in their decisions or ideas, we can find ourselves making choices that we might not normally make if we were to think for ourselves.

You feel judged

This one is a biggie. If regardless of how hard you try, people often judge you regardless, they may be taking advantage of your good nature and avoiding giving you proper credit for all that you do. If most of the time when getting dressed in the morning all that you hear from others is criticism instead of praise then perhaps it’s time to stand up for yourself and speak up!

You are being played

Some people just play games to get ahead, and you can find yourself stuck in a terrible situation because of this. If someone is playing games with you, they might have ulterior motives that you do not know about or understand fully. Stay away from people who treat you badly or who break promises left and right!

You feel like you cannot do anything right

Similar to feeling like everyone is always judging you, if you find that people are constantly pointing out what is wrong with your behavior instead of focusing on what you do well, it is time to push back. This is not to say that you should ignore your mistakes, but it means you should not put up with people who are constantly pointing out what’s wrong with you.

You feel lonely or misunderstood

It’s important to have a support system! However, if the only times you hear from someone in your supposed “support system” is when they need something from you, then it may be time to push back. People who only want to maintain contact with you when they need something are not true friends. True friends check in on each other and genuinely want the best for one another.

You get tired of always putting others first

Putting everyone else’s needs before your own is sometimes necessary but it is not sustainable. If you find that you are constantly putting the needs of others ahead of your own, it’s time to push back so that you can put yourself first for a change. You can’t help anyone else if you don’t have the energy or drive to function on a day-to-day basis!


As you can see, many signs can indicate it is time to push back against others. It’s important to remember that you are in control of your own life and you get to choose who you surround yourself with. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s time to speak up and push back!

I hope this article was helpful and that you will keep these things in mind the next time you feel like you need to stand up for yourself. Thank you for reading!

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