How To Be Funny When You’re Not Naturally Funny (Anymore)

What could be more important than being funny? For some people, it’s their job. And for others, it’s a way of life. But even if you’re not in the business of making people laugh-or just want to learn how to do so better-you can still achieve that coveted sense of humor and impress your friends and family with your wit or jokes! 

Below are 10+ tips on how anyone who wants to be funnier can get there: 

Practice makes perfect!

To be funnier, you first have to realize what kinds of things make you laugh. For example, maybe it’s physical humor like falling or something visual like a cartoon-or maybe it’s just other people being funny.

Once you’ve discovered that which tickles your funny bone the most, then practice those kinds of humor on your friends and family to see if they think it’s funny too. 

Keep your energy up!

It’s tough to be funny when you’re tired. One way to perk yourself up is by turning on some music that makes you feel energized and ready for anything. Then, dance around like nobody’s watching (because everyone will be too busy laughing at how funny you are), or grab a friend and reenact choreographed scenes from your favorite movie.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself bursting with so much energy it spills over into the act of being funnier-and who knows? You just might inspire somebody else to do the same! 

Make a list

Ideas for jokes and other forms of humor come from everywhere-songs, television shows, books, and more. Keep a list of all the things that make you laugh and add to it every time you discover something new.

You can also use your list when you’re in a conversation with someone else and need to think of something quick, or if you ever decide you want to make a career out of being funny. Most importantly, by having a list, you’ll always have something on hand to say if someone asks what makes you laugh! 

Think about what would happen if…

Turning a situation on its head can make it much funnier! If something terrible happened, what would happen if it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened? By thinking about what would happen “if” something were different, you can come up with some pretty hilarious answers!

For example, if a pick-up truck was driving down the highway and its horn was stuck, what would happen? What kind of crazy situations could you put your own body into that might make people laugh? 

Practice observation! 

When you’re not the funniest person in the room, it can be easy to be intimidated by those who are more naturally funny than you-and fade into the background. However, there is a way to coexist with your more hilarious counterparts: by practicing observation and paying attention to what they say, do, and how they say it.

This will allow you to take note of their timing skills, facial expressions, vocal inflections-all the little things that go into being funny that are easier for some people to understand than others. Soon, you’ll be able to incorporate all these observations into your shenanigans!

Never self-deprecate!

Nobody likes a downer, so why would you want to bring yourself down? Self-deprecating humor can seem like an easy way to make people laugh, but it often doesn’t work (not even the funny kind).

So instead of making fun of yourself or putting yourself down, make fun of everybody else! Making fun of others is a surefire way to show people you’re funnier than they are and potentially get them to like you more in the process.

Make it positive!

As the saying goes, “positive energy attracts positive people.” Making other people laugh is an incredible feeling that can be unmatched by nearly anything else.

So do what needs to be done to become funnier-don’t quit! If you want to be funny, then do whatever it takes to make yourself a better joke teller or storyteller. You’ll find that you’re one of the most popular (and funny) people in no time!

It’s up to you!

The key to being funnier is doing what makes you feel good and having fun while you do it. After all, nobody wants to be around someone who isn’t enjoying themselves, so the more fun you have, the funnier you’ll become!

If you’re interested in speaking to a professional who can help you discover your sense of humor and take it to the next level, then head over to for more information on how to laugh more often!

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

People who have a sense of humor can laugh at themselves and those around them, which allows others to do the same. In other words, if you can find a way to make fun of yourself or your jokes without being too harsh, then people will be more likely to follow suit.

The next time you’re not feeling particularly funny, just try to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Who knows what kind of laughs you might inspire!

Stick to your strengths! 

Don’t try to be something you’re not, because the best way to learn how to be funny is by figuring out what makes you different from everyone else. Maybe you have a unique voice. Or maybe the jokes that make you laugh are so random other people don’t get them at all. Either way, playing up your strengths is a great way to find the funny.

Whether your sense of humor is observational or wacky, be proud of it. Who knows? If you’re not afraid to show the world how hilarious you are, maybe someday somebody else will too.

Make friends with new people!

An old saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.” That’s because there’s nothing better than laughing until your sides hurt with people you love. And if you’re not hanging out with the right crowd, it might be time to find some new friends!

Learning how to be funnier can come naturally just by being around positive people who enjoy making jokes as much as you do. So take some time to be with people who appreciate your sense of humor and you’ll find yourself laughing … and maybe even becoming funnier.

Don’t try too hard!

It’s no secret trying too hard can be a turnoff. Nobody likes people who seem desperate for attention, so why not just relax and see what happens?

Sitting back and taking things one joke at a time is a great way to become funnier because you can let the jokes come naturally instead of forcing the punchline. Plus, the more comfortable you seem, the less obvious it will be that you’re trying to get a laugh.

Be yourself!

It’s no secret people like other people who are just like them. That means you should stop pretending to be something or somebody else and get back to basics.

Maybe your sense of humor is a little different from your friends. Or maybe it’s just really, really funny! The only way to find out is by being yourself and seeing what happens. So go have some fun and be the hilarious person you know you can be!


And there ya have it, friends! A quick and easy guide to tell you that, yes, people who aren’t naturally funny can still be hilarious. It’s all about knowing how to polish your sense of humor and work on your timing… with the right motivation and the right attitude towards life and whatnot. It’s not that hard after all if you just take a look at this list and apply it to your daily life. Right? Right!

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