How To Come Up With A Witty Response

In a world where everyone is constantly connected, it seems like there’s no escape from the constant bombardment of information. But sometimes all you need is to take a step back and get a little perspective on what matters in your life. For example, when you’re in the middle of an argument with someone who just won’t let up, instead of getting more frustrated or angry, have a witty response ready for them that will leave them speechless! This way you’ll be able to make your point without letting emotional stress get in the way.

But what’s not always obvious is that a witty response isn’t just a joke or something you plan out-sometimes the best answers come to you when you’re talking to someone face-to-face. Jokes aside, there are some great ways to put yourself in the right mindset for coming up with a quick and witty retort.

Here are 10 tips on How To Come Up With A Witty Response in any situation.

Think of your witty response as a treasure to be won

In video games, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a hidden item. It’s even better when you don’t know it’s going to happen-the surprise makes the reward that much sweeter. If you approach life with this kind of mindset, then whenever something good happens, you’ll feel like you’ve won something.

But before you launch into your witty response, stay stationary for a few seconds. People appreciate it when you give them the chance to recover after they’ve said something that makes you want to come up with a witty response. After all, if you take the bait every time they throw it out there, where are they supposed to go next?

Remember that wit isn’t about being right

A lot of people think that witty responses are all about doing or saying whatever you can to prove your point, but there’s way more to it than that. Sure, being funny is great-you’ve got the room in stitches and everyone will remember what you said forever because it was so hilarious.

But when someone has an argument with you and gets caught up in their head, they won’t have anything clever to say back because they were too busy trying to win the argument instead of having a good time. If you take the time to have fun while coming up with your witty response, it’ll leave a lot more of an impression on other people.

Have something clever in mind before you meet up with someone

Meetings are great because they’re the perfect opportunity to show off how witty you are. Whenever there’s an upcoming meeting-whether it’s at work or with family-you should reach out beforehand and ask if anyone has any jokes they’d like to share.

This puts everyone in a good mood, builds anticipation for what’s going to happen, and ensures that all eyes will be on you when it comes time to come up with a witty response during your meeting! Just make sure no one preemptively tries their wit because one person trying to be funny can kill the entire mood.

Build up your joke-telling muscles

It’s not all about you! If you’re constantly asking other people for jokes, then they’ll go the extra mile to save their best material for when it matters most-when they know you want to hear it!

All joking aside, this is great because if everyone is only willing to contribute their best work every once in a while, then you won’t be able to come up with witty responses as fast. But if everyone around you makes sure that they always have something clever and funny ready for a big moment, then giving a great response will never be an issue again.

Always keep a straight face until the very end of your witty response

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize about a witty response is that a lot of the work goes into not telling the joke. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be serious throughout your entire retort, but you should try to avoid crossing over from being humorous to being silly.

When coming up with a witty response, it means actively choosing not to laugh even though what just happened was hilarious! That’s how good comedians keep their composure so they can land every last laugh-because once someone starts laughing, everything else becomes less funny.

If everything else fails, just come up with a question

As we’ve said before, a witty response isn’t all about jokes and timing-sometimes the best thing you can do is just ask a question. Why? Well, even if you don’t know the answer to someone’s question, they might still find it funny.

What makes this such an effective strategy is that people will start thinking of their humorous responses as soon as they ask their questions. And once everyone starts asking questions because they realize how easy it is to make somebody laugh with one, then coming up with a witty response will no longer be an issue!

Avoid sarcasm

We get it: sometimes you don’t want to come across as goofy or corny by asking a question, or you don’t have the time to build up a joke. So that leaves you with just one option left: being funny at someone else’s expense!

Well…it might be an option, but it’s probably not a good one. Remember how we said a witty response is all about showing everyone how clever and quick-witted you are? If you choose sarcasm as your strategy for coming up with a witty response because it’s easy and makes people laugh, then you’re completely missing the point of what it means to be witty!

If all else fails, just take your time!

Sometimes when people are coming up with witty responses, they’re so focused on thinking about what would be clever that they forget that there’s no deadline for when you have to start saying something important. If someone asks you where you’ve been, don’t launch into your witty answer until at least 45 seconds after they stop talking. 

That way, whoever ends up speaking next will be too nervous to try and say anything funny because the spotlight will have already shifted away from them. And even better: by the time you’ve finished your witty response, people might not even remember what the other person was talking about!

Don’t force it!

Even though it might seem like coming up with a witty response is all about the perfect timing, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes if you’re not in the mood to be funny then that’s that you just have to accept that there are days when you’re not very witty.

Just because you’re not feeling it today doesn’t mean that everyone else should feel the same way. Maybe tomorrow will be your day for being witty-and if it’s not, then just try again next time!

Just remember to have fun with it

No matter what, don’t forget why you’re trying to come up with a witty response in the first place: this is supposed to make people laugh! If all of your efforts are coming across as awkward or forced, then you need to ask yourself how much you’re enjoying yourself.

If you’re not having any fun, it’s time to try something new! Maybe you can switch up your strategy again by just asking questions, or maybe you should try thinking of clever responses that aren’t quite so long. The best thing about coming up with witty responses is that it only takes one good joke to get the entire room laughing-so if all else fails then don’t forget to have fun with whatever you do next!


Witty responses are the best-and once you learn how to come up with them, that’s when you’ll realize how awesome they can be. If you follow these 10 tips then we promise that your wit will improve and people will end up loving spending time with you (thanks to all of those witty responses). “Wit” is a tricky word to define, but hopefully now it doesn’t seem too complicated! As long as you remember not to force anything and always have fun, then coming up with a witty response should become easy for anyone.

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