How To Communicate With Someone You Have a Crush On

It’s hard to know what to do when you like someone. You might want to talk with them, but don’t want it to seem too weird or uncomfortable for either of you. Sometimes, people can tell that they have feelings for someone else without any difficulty at all-but other times, the person is unsure and worries about what will happen if their crush doesn’t feel the same way. It can be frustrating not knowing how best to act on your emotions! 

But there are some simple things you can do to make your desires known without putting yourself in an awkward situation. So, if you want to be able to tell someone that you like them without freaking out or making it weird, consider trying one of these suggestions, How To Communicate With Someone You Have a Crush On:

Write a note!

This is an oldie but goody and very simple. Sometimes, seeing something written down makes it easier to process than words alone. If you don’t know what else to say, write something short and sweet like: “I wanted you to know that I like you.” Then, slip it to them when they’re not looking. It’s less nerve-wracking than saying it out loud!

Make them their favorite food or drink

Does your crush like chocolate? Bake them some brownies and take along two forks so they can sample one while you eat the other! If you’re not much of a baker, order their favorite food from a restaurant, pick it up and bring it to them. If they love coffee, bring them their favorite drink in the morning. It’s a nice gesture and may make your crush feel special while you’re enjoying one of their favorite things too!

Ask about their interests

If you know that they like pizza, then say something like: “I’ve been thinking about trying out some new pizza places-do you have any recommendations?” This lets your crush know that you’re into something they are too. It’s a subtle way to break the ice and not seem like you’re only chatting with them because of their cute face!

Ask for advice

Asking for advice is another way to show someone that you value their opinion. When you ask for advice, your crush might feel flattered that you trust them enough to ask! Plus, it’s a good bet because everyone likes giving people advice. If your crush is very shy or reserved, this may be particularly effective because it can cause them to open up more around you.

Compliment them!

Everyone likes compliments-so why not offer some? People like hearing good things about themselves, so it’s a nice way to let your crush know you think highly of them or are interested in getting to know them better. But, carefully watch what you say so that it doesn’t sound like you’re just trying to flatter them or ask for a favor. If your crush seems suspicious of your intentions, they may be put off by compliments. Remember-if they have a crush on you too, this could go over really well!

Say something nice directly to them

Everyone likes to be heard, even if they’re not someone’s crush! But there’s something special about your crush that allows you to have an emotional connection just by being around them. So it can feel extra special when someone says something nice right to you-and it lets your crush know you think they’re worth getting to know more.

Date someone else!

If your crush likes you too, this works great-you both go on a date with another person and get to hang out together! It’s like hanging out as friends, but it will make it easier for you to continue talking after the date is over. If your crush doesn’t like you back, then it can cause them to realize that they might be missing out on something great!

Ask for advice about dating someone else!

This is similar to asking for advice, but in this case-you’re turning the tables and asking your crush for tips or advice about how to date someone else, not you. If they like you enough to be willing to help, you might learn more about their perspective and get a better idea of how they feel about your potential relationship with them!

Act confident and ask them out!

No one wants to date someone who doesn’t know what they want and no one wants to be someone’s second choice. If you’re confident that they like you back, all you need to do is ask! It might feel scary, but it could also be the best way to find out if your crush likes you back or not. So what are you waiting for?

Start with something easy like flirting online

People are more open to flirtation online than they are in person-so if you think it will make you feel more comfortable, start with something less intense like flirting on Facebook or through text messages. If your crush seems into it too, then maybe try chatting face to face.

Make a new group

If you can get enough people together, asking your crush out to the movies or something else fun is always a great way to get them alone and let them know that you’re interested in them! Plus, it’s more exciting if everyone knows why you’re going-and have each other for support! If there aren’t enough people involved, then at least you can draw support from those who understand your feelings.

Take a chance!

When it’s something as important as love and dating, sometimes we hold back because we don’t want to be disappointed or embarrassed if someone doesn’t feel the same way about us. But the truth is, all you’ll do is hurt yourself if you don’t try. It’s better to take a chance and fail than to never try for fear of failure!

Keep it simple by asking them on a date

If you seem worried about having the conversation-just start with something casual like “Do you want to go out sometime?” or even just “Want to hang out sometime?.” It takes the pressure off of you to have to be witty or say something perfect and it’s a great way to start getting to know each other better. Plus, if they say yes, you’ve already got a date planned!

Make plans with them!

If your crush is someone you like spending time with, then make plans now and again to keep in touch. Even if nothing comes of it romantically, you could still end up making a good friend! Plus, they might see you guys hanging out and wonder what’s going on, which might lead to them realizing they like you back after all!

Make it a game!

If you’re trying to tell someone that you like them in a lighthearted way, try playing “two truths and a lie”. This is when everyone around the table has to share three facts about themselves-two of them are true, while one is fake. The person who guesses which one is the lie has to kiss the one who told it! It might feel silly, but in the end, you’ll probably both be closer to it.

Comment on their social media with a heart emoji!

This is similar to writing your crush a note, but not as permanent and more interactive. Your friend probably already knows you follow/like them on whatever platform they use most like Instagram or Facebook. You can write something like: “I saw this post and I thought of you!”

Ask them what they think of their exes!

If you’re casual friends, this might seem a bit too intense-but if not-it could be a fun way to get closer. People usually don’t mind talking about their past relationships, and it gives the two of you a chance to bond over something you probably both have in common.

Make a joke!

This is especially good if they seem to be feeling nervous or awkward about the situation-you make them feel less alone by lightening the mood with some humor! If you aren’t very funny-you can always look for a pun or play on words that relate to your crush and what you like about them. That way it won’t be too awkward, but enough to let them know how you feel.

Be honest!

Sometimes it can be hard to come right out and say how you feel about someone, but it’s worth the risk. If they like you back, then that will make everything easier! You’ll think of yourself as more confident and no one will have misconstrued feelings. However, if they don’t feel the same way about you-they might still be your friend and appreciate that you were honest with them.

Ask their friends how to approach them!

If you’re not sure how your crush might be too nervous to tell you themselves-and their friends will probably know if they like you back or not. So talking to the friend who knows them best (or at least has known them longest) will probably give you the best advice. You’ll also be showing respect for them that their friend is your go-to and you trust their judgment!


As you can see, there are many ways to let someone you like know that you’re interested in them. Just remember to be yourself, stay confident, and have fun! If it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you tried. Good luck!

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