How To Deal With The People Who Just Won’t Stop Talking

Do you know that person who just won’t stop talking? You probably know someone like this. They might go on and on about the same thing over and over, or they may talk to you with no regard for what you are saying, or how you feel – in general, they can be a pain to deal with sometimes.

But there are ways to deal with them! Here is a list of 10+ different tips that will help you out when dealing with these types of people; from ignoring them completely if possible, to getting help from other people around (or even yourself!), and making fun of them too. Hopefully, this list will be helpful the next time that pesky person won’t stop talking!

Asking them politely to quiet down

This is a very basic but effective way to deal with the type that just won’t stop talking. You may feel a bit mean when you ask someone to be quiet, but they will most likely understand and then leave you alone. If it is in a public place, you can always pretend like they are bothering other people too by pointing around at others and asking them if they heard what he or she said – so they will either stop talking or move elsewhere!

Getting up and walking away

If their voice is particularly grating on your ears, get up and walk away from him or her immediately. Maybe excuse yourself for a moment (or) and go outside for some fresh air or to make a phone call. You can even go as far as pretending to be sick if you have to! They will probably leave you alone after this as they might feel bad, and who knows? Maybe you’ll go with them too.

Whispering / Speaking over them

If there is no way out of talking with the person who won’t stop talking, then try whispering back and forth between each other! Speak over top of their voice – remember they usually don’t care what others think anyway since they are probably more interested in making an impression on everyone else than being considerate to others. As long as you can make them feel like they are being heard, hopefully, this will get rid of their need to talk even more.

Responding with ‘Mhm’ or ‘Uh-huh’

If you don’t want to speak over the top of the person who won’t stop talking because it might embarrass them (or) you’re just too tired to fight back, then a good way to respond is by either making a noise that sounds similar to an affirmative response while simultaneously keeping your mouth closed so they only hear the sound and not what you said! You can also shake your head up and down while speaking so they know that you are listening.

Getting other people involved – e.g., other family members, friends

If you can’t get away from the person who won’t stop talking and talking over the top of them just isn’t working either – then try getting other people involved! If they see that you are in a conversation with someone, they might take this as their cue to join in on it – or at least ask them questions about what you both were just talking about. The more people that are included in the conversation with him or her, the less likely they will want to keep going on and on!

Pretending like they aren’t there

This is one way how to deal with people who don’t seem to pay attention when others speak with them. You can look around the room (or) go for walk somewhere in the room as if you don’t see them standing there. If they persist in talking to you, start looking impatient and irritated – hopefully, this will get them to stop talking and leave you alone.

Acting disinterested or uninterested

Maybe you aren’t disinterested or uninterested, but maybe that is what the person who won’t stop talking wants to think, and the best way to get them to leave you alone is by acting like they are doing nothing for your attention. You can try looking at your phone while they talk (or) look around the room as if there was something more interesting somewhere else! Saying things like “I don’t care,” or even sighing loudly can help too!

Responding with an equal amount of talking

If the person that just won’t stop talking is doing it to you, then one way to fight back is by responding with an equal amount of talking. This will hopefully annoy them and they will stop talking to you because they will think that they are not getting through to you. Just make sure that your talking is relevant to the conversation, and not just nonsensical babble!

Pretending to be busy

This one is a classic way to deal with people that just won’t stop talking – act like you are busy! If you have your hands full, or if you are looking at your phone or laptop then they will most likely get the hint and leave you alone. You can also do other things to make it look like you are busy, like folding clothes or cleaning up around you.

Telling them about an interesting topic

This is another way how to deal with people who just won’t stop talking – by telling them about an interesting topic! If you can keep them engaged in a conversation, then they might not feel the need to talk as much. You can talk about things that have happened to you, or even makeup stories – just as long as it is something that will keep their attention.

Interrupting them

If the person who won’t stop talking is someone that you don’t care about, then try interrupting them! This will get them frustrated and they will eventually stop talking so that they can either yell at you or try and finish what they were saying. Either way, this will take control of the conversation away from them and put it back into your hands.

Complimenting their outfit/hair

If the person who won’t stop talking is someone that you know, and you want to be nicer to them, then try complimenting their outfit or hair! This will make them happy and they might even start to talk more about themselves – giving you a longer break from having to listen to them.

Replying with one-word answers

If you don’t want to ignore the person but you also don’t want to have a conversation with them, replying with one-word answers is a great way to go. They will probably think that you are busy or not interested in what they are saying, and then they will stop talking. You can even mix it up by replying with questions instead of statements!

Getting help from others

If you are feeling overwhelmed or if the person who won’t stop talking is just too much for you to handle, then try getting help from others! This could be as simple as turning to the people sitting next to you and asking them to join in on the conversation, or even getting up and walking away while telling the person that you’ll talk to them later. Having other people around will help to diffuse the situation and make it less awkward for everyone involved.

Making fun of them

Finally, if all else fails and the person who just won’t stop talking is starting to get on your nerves, then try making fun of them! This will embarrass them and it might even get them to stop talking altogether. Just make sure that you do this in a lighthearted and joking manner, or else you might end up with a fight on your hands.


Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you in the future when dealing with people who just won’t stop talking! By using one or more of these methods, you can take control of the conversation and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. So go out there and start talking! 🙂

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