How To Improve Your Social Skills In The Workplace

The workplace is a social environment. And if you’re not socially well-adjusted, it can be hard to succeed in this type of work environment.

There are many times where you may need to be comfortable talking to people in the workplace, like when you’re trying to make a crucial connection or get your point across. However, sometimes it can be really intimidating and scary to speak up in meetings, talk to coworkers who are above you or just generally try to improve your social skills in the workplace.

But don’t worry, because there are many ways that you can improve your social skills in the workplace. Here are some of them:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

One of the best ways how to improve your social skills in the workplace is to not let yourself get discouraged by any mistakes that you may happen to make along the way. Being a people pleaser can lead you to become over-sensitive and nervous about making a mistake, which will prevent you from talking as much as you want or doing anything out of your comfort zone for fear of embarrassing yourself. But don’t worry, because it’s impossible to avoid making mistakes altogether! The more mistakes that you make, the more opportunities there are for improvement and self-growth.

Be friendly with everyone!

Whether they’re someone who works on your team or an intern who sits across from you every day, it’s important to be friendly with everyone in the workplace. This means saying hello when you see them, striking up a conversation when there’s an opportunity, and being generally pleasant to be around. Not only will this make the work environment more enjoyable for you, but it can also help you out professionally since people will be more likely to want to work with you or give you a promotion if they like you.

Get interested in other people’s lives.

One of the best ways how to improve your social skills in the workplace is to get interested in other people’s lives. This means asking them about their family, their hobbies, what they do outside of work, etc. People love talking about themselves, so by showing an interest in them, you’re already making a great impression. Not to mention, it’s always interesting to learn more about the people you work with!

Join a social club or networking group.

If you’re finding it difficult to put yourself out there and meet new people, consider joining a social club or networking group. This is a great way to meet likeminded people who share your interests, and it can be a really fun way to improve your social skills in the workplace. You’ll be able to attend social events, go on outings and generally just get to know people better in a relaxed setting.

Attend workshops and training sessions.

Another great way how to improve your social skills in the workplace is to attend workshops and training sessions. These are great opportunities to learn new things about your industry or career path, but they can also be really helpful if you’re looking to improve your social skills. It’s easy to be overcome with nerves when speaking in front of a group, but training seminars are specifically designed for this purpose! So, if you ever find yourself dreading the next presentation that you have to give, then try out one of these training sessions instead. You’ll feel more at ease since everyone else is nervous too, and it will help you brush up on those social skills as well as learning new things.

Dress for success!

One of the best ways how to improve your social skills in the workplace is by dressing for success! If you dress like everyone else, then people won’t be able to tell who you are and they’ll probably ignore you or at worst, not take you seriously. But if you dress a bit more professionally than others (not too flashy though), then this will help people see that you’re someone important and want to know who you are and what you do. And when people realize that there’s more to work than just doing your job, they’re much more likely to want to work with you!


This one’s a no-brainer – but a smile goes a long way! Not only does it make you look more approachable and friendly, but it also makes you feel happier and more positive. So, the next time you’re feeling nervous or shy, just smile and it will help ease those feelings.

Use people’s names.

One of the best ways to make someone feel special is to use their name. People love when others remember their names, so make sure to use them as often as possible. You can do this when you first meet someone, when you’re introducing yourself, or even in conversation – just make sure not to use too many nicknames or diminutive terms, or people might get confused!

Make small talk.

Small talk is a great way to break the ice and get to know someone better. It’s usually safe topics like the weather, current events or news, or what people are doing over the weekend. It’s not about getting deep into a conversation, but just enough to make sure that both parties are interested in each other. So, the next time you’re at a networking event or meeting someone for lunch, try out some small talk to see how it goes.

Use positive body language.

Not only is it important to use the right words when you’re trying to improve your social skills in the workplace, but it’s also important to use the right body language. Slouching, crossing your arms or avoiding eye contact are all signs that you’re not interested in what the other person is saying, and this will just make you come across as unfriendly or uninterested. Instead, try to use open body language ( uncross your arms, keep a positive posture, make eye contact etc.), which will show that you’re engaged and interested in the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

One of the best ways how to improve your social skills in the workplace is by simply being yourself! If you try to be someone that you’re not, then people will see right through it and they won’t trust or respect you. But if you’re genuine and honest, then people will feel comfortable opening up to you and trusting you. So, don’t worry about what people think of you – just be yourself!

Let your work speak for itself.

There’s a time and place for everything; including talking about what you do or how good you are at your job. At the wrong moment, talking too much about your accomplishments can make people feel intimidated by how skilled and successful you are (and this could even scare away other potential friends/co-workers!). But if someone asks or there’s an appropriate moment to talk about it, then let them know why they should trust and respect you instead of boasting about it!

Try one new social activity every week.

If socializing is something that makes you nervous, then try to gradually ease into it by trying one new activity every week. This will help you feel more comfortable with talking and interacting with others and you’ll become more skilled at socializing in general! It doesn’t even have to be a big deal; just go for coffee with someone or join an intramural sports team.

Remember names!

Remembering people’s names is a great way how to improve your social skills in the workplace , especially when it comes to networking events or meetings with important co-workers. If you can remember their name, then they’ll feel special knowing that you care enough about them to learn who they are! So, next time you’re meeting someone new, try to learn their name within the first few minutes of meeting them.

Use social media!

If you’re not comfortable with face-to-face interaction (like maybe if you work remotely or are introverted), then social media is a great way how to improve your social skills in the workplace . You can connect with old friends and make new ones online; it’s totally up to you who you want to interact with, when, and for how long. And because social media gives people an easy platform to communicate, people will feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with you on different topics.

Avoid talking about controversial topics.

Politics, religion, and other sensitive topics can easily lead to heated arguments – so it’s best to avoid them if you want to improve your social skills in the workplace. You never know who you might offend or anger by sharing your views on these topics, and it could have a negative impact on your relationships with co-workers. So, unless you know that everyone shares the same opinions as you do, it’s best to steer clear of controversial topics altogether.

Be a good listener.

One of the most important social skills is being a good listener! When someone is talking to you, they’ll feel appreciated and respected knowing that you’re actually paying attention to them and that you’re interested in what they have to say. So, try to put your phone away, avoid multitasking, and make eye contact to show that you’re genuinely listening.

Compliment people!

Compliments are a great way how to make someone feel appreciated and special – and it’s a surefire way to make them like you more! People love getting compliments and it’s a great way to start or strengthen a relationship. So, the next time you meet someone new, or even if you’ve been working with them for awhile, give them a genuine compliment and see how their face lights up in response.

Show empathy.

If someone is telling you about something that’s bothering them, show empathy by nodding your head, listening closely, and asking them follow-up questions about their feelings. Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else feels or what they might be experiencing, so it’s important to use this skill in social situations so that people know you care!

Be humble.

It can be tempting to boast about your accomplishments when you’re trying to improve your social skills in the workplace, especially if you’re good at what you do or want others to respect and admire you for it! But bragging about yourself will only make other people feel intimidated by how skilled and successful you are (and this could even scare away potential friends/co-workers!). So think twice before sharing what makes stand out – humility goes a long way in social settings.

Avoid talking about yourself too much.

On the other hand, it’s also important to avoid talking about yourself too much – because no one wants to be around someone who’s only interested in themselves! If you find that you’re constantly talking about your own opinions, experiences, and accomplishments, then try to focus more on listening to others and asking them about themselves instead. This will make you seem more interested in others, and people will appreciate that about you.

Don’t judge people.

When you first meet someone, it can be tempting to size them up and decide whether or not you think they’re worthy of your time. But judging people too quickly will only make them feel defensive or uncomfortable – plus, everyone deserves a chance! So give the benefit of the doubt every single time, and don’t judge until you really know someone well enough.

Avoid talking about your problems all the time.

While it’s important to let others know how you’re feeling once in awhile (in order to form close connections), constantly complaining about how much life sucks won’t do you any good! People are paying more attention to themselves than they are to you 95% of the time, so venting about your problems over and over again will only make you feel worse and isolate you from your peers. Try to talk about your problems in a constructive way, or keep them to yourself until you really need someone to listen.

Be open-minded.

If you’re the type of person who’s set in their ways and unwilling to change their mind about anything, then it’s going to be difficult for you to make friends (or keep them). Being open-minded means being willing to consider other people’s points of view, even if you don’t agree with them – and this is an essential quality in any social situation.

Have a sense of humor!

Last but not least, having a sense of humor is key to improving your social skills in the workplace – and in life in general. Laughter is the best way to break the ice and make others feel comfortable around you, so don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes (as long as they’re appropriate, of course!). And who knows, you might even make some new friends in the process!


So there you have it: 25 ways how to improve your social skills in the workplace! Just remember that socializing can be daunting for some people, but with these tips you’ll be on your way to becoming a social butterfly in no time. Good luck!