How To Make Yourself Indispensable

It is not difficult to see why people want to be indispensable. The feeling of being needed, of having something or someone that relies on you, is an important one. It makes life feel meaningful and worthwhile. But what does it mean to be indispensable? And how can you become more so?

Here are 10 tips How To Make Yourself Indispensable:

Be a person of action

In today’s society, time is precious and few people have it to spare. The ability to get something done quickly has become so valued that at times it seems as though there are only two states of being: busy or bored. While some may use this as an excuse not to apply themselves, you can use it as inspiration to put your nose to the grindstone and do what needs to be done.

Not only will you be invaluable in that your actions will save the time of others, but also because taking swift and decisive action is a sign of trustworthiness. Being a person who takes action will not only make life easier for those around you, but it will also give them confidence in your ability to complete the task at hand. Surely, people who can take action quickly will be well-appreciated by those around them.

Be diligent

You don’t just want to be a person who rushes in and does what needs to be done. Though you do not want to procrastinate, you must still take the time to research and ensure that your work is accurate and thorough. This means that before acting on something, you should make sure it’s worth doing.

Not only will this increase your value in the eyes of others, but if applied well it can also give you an edge over other people who are vying for the same position or recognition as yourself. Such diligence can provide you with a competitive advantage when making claims or arguments about things because they will appear more credible. People will see how much effort has gone into them and reward you accordingly, while those who rush in may find themselves caught out when the details are later scrutinized.

Always be learning

It is said that knowledge is power and this is never more pertinent than in business. No matter what your role, if you want to be indispensable then it’s vital that you’re willing to learn new things. The world has become so complex that no one person can know everything about anything anymore; instead, people rely on others to provide them with the information they need to get done what needs doing.

If you’ve already learned everything there is to know about your job, then nobody will value you because they’ll know all of your secrets and won’t be able to benefit from them any longer. But if you continue to expand your knowledge base by learning new things all the time, then people will see you as an invaluable source of information. Such a reputation will continue to grow as it becomes apparent that you have more and more valuable knowledge.

Be well-connected

As we have covered in a previous article, it is almost impossible to know everything so you must learn how to be humble and ask for help when you need it. But one thing people don’t often realize is that asking for help can also benefit them beyond solving immediate problems because it allows them to build stronger relationships with other people. Asking someone for their advice shows your willingness to work together and could turn into a valuable professional or personal connection later on down the line. 

The more connected you are, the more that others will rely on and trust in your ability to get things done; making you indispensable when they need something done quickly. By getting to know as many people as possible, you will be able to call upon them for help when necessary and also gain insight into how they do their jobs.

Be a leader

People will look for leaders in times of crisis, and if you can show that you’re a leader then this will make life even easier for those around you. Not only will they appreciate your ability to take charge when things go wrong, but it will also save them from having to do so themselves as people want to work with those who can lead.

Leadership is not always apparent from the outset because many people do not have good judgment or wisdom about how situations should be handled. The best way to prevent a leadership vacuum from forming is by being proactive and leading whenever necessary throughout your life. This way, your colleagues and others close to you won’t have to hesitate when looking for a suitable person to step up.

Be open-minded

One of the main reasons people rely on you is to provide them with a clear and unbiased assessment of things, and this will require that you maintain an objective outlook. This means considering all points of view and possibilities without bias or judgment before making a decision or statement – after all, it’s impossible to be closed off from everything when dealing with other people. 

Not only does being closed off make you seem narrow-minded, but it can also prevent you from seeing potentially beneficial opportunities because they are considered too risky or outside the comfort zone. Being open-minded allows you to believe anything is possible until it has been proven otherwise, making you willing to take risks and think outside the box. This can open new doors for your career or help in solving problems that are difficult to crack otherwise.

Be willing to do anything

To be indispensable, you need to show that you’re willing and able to help in any way possible. This means making it your goal to be as much use as possible by learning new skills and taking on challenging projects. This could mean working hard at times so others can take a break, or doing things beyond your job description such as cleaning the office kitchen or helping with an event. 

Taking on whatever challenges come your way shows those around you that they can rely on you for practically everything; especially if everyone else is too busy doing their own thing and not pulling their weight. Volunteering for tasks nobody wants shows initiative and people will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to ask for things because you already know what needs to be done.

Be available

When you are needed you must be able to turn up whenever necessary because this makes you reliable, especially when people can’t predict when something might happen. If they know they can rely on you being there when they need help, then chances are they will use your skills and expertise more frequently as a result. Even if you’re not the person directly responsible for solving a problem, you should be available to facilitate or at least offer advice where possible so that someone else does not have to come in and spoil the flow of things by deciding on your behalf. 

Being there whenever required shows others that they can depend on you which makes them trust in your abilities more. If you get in the habit of running away every time something comes up, then your colleagues or clients will learn to anticipate it and get frustrated when they can’t get hold of you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some me-time, but it does mean that if necessary, you should be able to drop everything without too much persuasion.

Treat everyone the same

When people start to treat you differently or give you special treatment it can be difficult not to get carried away. But if you allow this to happen it will quickly become apparent – especially when things change and your popularity wanes for whatever reason. To avoid this, make sure that all of your actions are consistent so that others can depend on them.

Treating everybody around you with respect and dignity is an important part of being indispensable because there’s nothing worse than knowing who can be easily pushed over. Being seen as someone too nice means that people won’t take you seriously or rely on your expertise; think of it like riding a bike where balance is everything.

Be reliable

You not only need to be willing to do everything and available at all times, but you must follow through on your promises. If others know that they can rely on you being there when required then this is a powerful incentive that will keep people interested in your work.

Being reliable means taking the initiative when necessary and not passing the buck onto someone else whenever there’s a problem to protect yourself from criticism or failure. The more problems you solve by doing whatever it takes without expecting anything in return, the more indispensable you become because people begin to depend on you even if they don’t fully realize why they need you so much. This is what separates true experts from those who are just showing off for their gratification. 


Being indispensable is a great feeling. But it doesn’t come from showing off or making others feel useless in your presence. It’s about putting in the extra effort and going the extra mile when nobody else is prepared to do so. If you do everything that is expected of you and more, then it’s likely that people will rely on your talents and expertise. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling useless or unneeded because the only person who can save the day is too busy doing their own thing while everyone else is left waiting for a miracle to happen.

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