How To Stop Yourself From Crying

Crying is a natural and healthy thing that many people from all walks of life do. But sometimes, you can have a hard time stopping the tears from rolling even when you don’t want them to keep coming out. How To Stop Yourself From Crying: This article will give you 13 ways to work on stopping yourself from crying so that you can get back to feeling better faster! 

Recognize what’s going on

Sometimes the best way to stop yourself from crying is by knowing what it is going on in your life right now which caused these feelings and realizing how much more control over your emotions this situation gives you. When things are tough or stressful, try looking at these as opportunities for growth rather than stumbling blocks designed purely to make things difficult for not only yourself but everyone around you. Once you recognize the cause of these emotions, it’ll be easier to stop yourself from crying.

Get out of the way

Sometimes the reason why your tears are continuing to fall even though you don’t want them to is simply that there’s something in the way that’s blocking their flow. Try sitting down with a tissue and clearing it away so that nothing is getting in between you and your tear ducts, which are designed to help your body get rid of any excess sadness you have built up inside.

Let the tears flow

When it comes down to it, sometimes suppressing the urge to cry can make things worse for you in the long run because all that pent-up frustration and sadness is still building up inside of you, even if you don’t show anyone else what’s going on or how to hurt you are. So try allowing yourself to go full out with sobbing until every single drop of water has fallen out of your eyes and there’s nothing left but a sense of calmness (and relief) behind.

Breathe through it

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and like crying is the only thing that will make you feel better, try focusing on your breath and taking in long, deep inhalations through your nose. This will help to center you and ground you in the present moment so that you’re not simply lost in your thoughts and emotions. 

Distract yourself with something else for a while

It’s not always easy to just face what’s causing you this much pain and discomfort head-on, so sometimes it can help to take a breather and distract yourself with other things that will allow you to get your mind off of everything going on for a little while at least. Try walking around or exercising even though it seems like the last thing you want to do, or reading a book – anything that’ll occupy your thoughts and more than halve your chance of crying! Just make sure whatever it gets you past the initial urge to cry so it doesn’t keep triggering these emotions deeper in your gut when all you need is some time.

Get enough rest

When you’re tired, your ability to control your emotions tends to go right out the window! Try taking a step back and getting some much-needed sleep so that you can be more alert and aware of what’s going on around you when things are tough. What happens during your daily life will affect how you end up feeling at the end of it all, but don’t take this for granted!

Know that it’s ok not to be ok

Though society has conditioned us into thinking that it is essential that everyone always hold their emotions in or present a smiley face to the world, sometimes this isn’t possible, and knowing that it’s ok not to be ok is a great way to stop yourself from crying. Crying itself isn’t harmful; if anything, it can help you feel better by releasing toxins from your body as well as providing a healthy release for all of those pent-up emotions.

Stop trying so hard

Often the harder you try to stop yourself from crying, the more difficult it becomes because stress levels will rise rather than fall. Instead of trying so hard to hold back those tears because you think it may be embarrassing or people around you will not want to see them, take a deep breath and let things happen as they come naturally. Remember that everyone cries sometimes! You have nothing to fear or hide from.

Find the silver lining

Whether it be something as simple as seeing a rainbow after a storm or getting through an entire day without crying, finding that one silver lining in every dark cloud is always helpful when you’re trying to stop yourself from crying. Look for these small victories and know that they are there because even if you still feel sad now, things will eventually go back to feeling more normal again with time.

Stop comparing your experience to others 

No two people have ever had the same reaction to any given stimuli simply because we all process information differently based on our own unique life experiences (and personalities). Though you may see someone else who seems like they’ve got their emotions completely under control, this doesn’t mean that they always do. Instead of comparing yourself to your friends and family, empathize with them by trying to see things from their perspective so you can relate to them more effectively.

Acknowledge the feelings 

Though it may feel like a relief initially to keep everything bottled up inside, chances are this won’t help you in the long run because those emotions will find another way out! Instead of ignoring how you’re feeling, take a step back and acknowledge those feelings as part of who you are as a person rather than something negative that is wholly separate from you. Expressing yourself through writing or talking with someone close is one of the best ways for those emotions to come out without having any negative consequences that may arise from crying.

Get in a better mood

Remember that your emotions are a direct result of the thoughts you’re thinking and the environment around you! If you’re constantly in a bad mood because of how things have been going for you lately, it’ll be nearly impossible to stop yourself from crying when these negative feelings rise to the surface. Try to keep busy throughout the day so that when anything depressing comes up, there’s something else keeping your mind occupied so those emotions don’t overwhelm you as much.

Distract yourself

Whether it be listening to music or playing games on your phone, distractions are one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted feelings. When you distract yourself from something negative, you’re telling your brain that there’s no reason right now for it to be thinking about all of those sad things because you have something else going on in your life. Within a few days or so, the emotions will stop being so prevalent because they’ll lose their hold on your psyche!


Use these tips to help maintain a better composure and not cry when things get too tough. You can use these lists as references if ever you just feel like breaking down again and need some reminders on how to stop yourself from crying! Though it may be difficult at first, with time and practice you’ll be able to get through tough moments without shedding a tear. Remember to stay positive, focus on the good things in your life, and take things one step at a time.

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