10 Love Lessons

Love is not something you feel. It is something you do. You can love someone, but not be in love with them. And you can be in love with someone, but that does not mean they are the right person to be your partner. You can keep loving someone who is not in love with you, but you’ll only get hurt. The point of love is to transfer that feeling into action. You must act upon love if you want it to exist.

So how can you act upon love? How can you nurture it and grow it into something more than just a feeling of affection? Here are ten lessons that will help guide your understanding about what love is, how to recognize it, and how to nourish the forces that drive it so that love becomes something real. Read on for some interesting thoughts about love.

Love is Selfless

Love is not about what you feel for another person, but rather how you act upon that feeling. When considering love, ask yourself this question: “Would I be willing to give up my own happiness in order to bring them the most joy?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve found love. If your first thought is “but I love them so much!” then you may be mistaking infatuation for love.

Yes, it feels good to be in love with someone who loves us back, but true love is when we are willing to sacrifice our own needs and desires in order to see the other person smile. And we must be willing to do that without ever expecting anything in return.

Love is Unconditional

Love means feeling affection for someone, even when they’re not around and you don’t see them every day. It can be unrequited love or a one-sided admiration. You might feel it towards your mother, father, pet, or some other person in your life. But real love is unconditional; it is not dependent on whether the object of affection returns your feelings.

Love does not worry about being reciprocated. It is a decision to act upon what you feel, even when that feeling goes unanswered. And if you are ever lucky enough to receive love from someone, it is your duty to accept it. If you are unwilling to do so, you deny them the opportunity of feeling loved too.

Love is About Giving

Love does not have an agenda or require specific outcomes. You cannot hold love hostage against another person, waiting for something in return. It only works when both people are willing and open to whatever feelings develop. Love is about being able to selflessly give, without expectation or condition.

If you are in love with someone, then all of your actions should be done with the best interest of that person in mind. If you are looking for something in return, even if it’s just a smile, then you have not truly fallen in love. Love should be about wanting to act for the betterment of another. Anything less is just an emotional transaction.

Love is Unfailing

Love does not go away just because life gets in the way. Even if you find yourself physically separated from that person, your love remains constant. You might lose contact with someone entirely, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped existing to you. Whether they are across the country or across the world, you still think about them and long for the day when you will be reunited.

Love is unfailing in this regard; it does not fade away when we lose touch or fail to communicate our feelings. People change, circumstances change, but love remains constant if properly nurtured and tended to.

Love is Unwavering

Troubles may come and go, but love is unwavering. When you’re in love, no matter what happens, the bond between you grows stronger. Life’s difficulties are endured together because there is nothing that can separate you – not even death itself.

Of course, people who are truly in love do not always communicate or express themselves well enough to be understood by one another. Maybe they fight or hurt each other. But in the end, love is what holds them together no matter how much time has passed between them.

Love is True

Love is not about being with someone simply because you are expected to fall in love with them, but rather falling in love because you truly want to be with that person. Sometimes you might find yourself thinking “this person is great, but I’m not in love with them.” That’s okay too. It is not your job to force a feeling that isn’t there. You can still be a good friend and live a fulfilling life without always being in love with another person.

Love should feel natural and effortless, not forced. If you’re with someone just because everyone tells you that’s how things are supposed to be, or they tell you it’s what you want, then something is missing. You need to feel the desire within yourself before you can properly act upon it.

Love is Life-Changing

If love is real and lasting, it will alter your perspective on the world. You simply cannot experience this kind of love and remain unaffected. Your life will never be the same again because you have been touched by something more powerful than yourself, something that actually changed who you are as a person.

Love is life-changing in several ways: it makes you happier, it gives you a greater sense of purpose, and it allows you to experience life in a way that might have seemed impossible beforehand. The person you’re with becomes your entire world – everything else just fades away into the background.

Love is Special

Love cannot be forced, it can only be offered freely from one heart to another. You can’t control who you fall in love with because it is above our control. This means that, when you meet the right person, your heart simply won’t allow yourself to be any other way than completely in love with them.

Love is special, and should only ever happen when the time is right for both people involved. That’s why one-sided love is such a sad feeling. For all intents and purposes, this person might be the right one, but they simply aren’t ready to receive your love yet. They do not recognize or appreciate what you have to offer them – at least for now.

Love is Lifelong

You will never stop loving someone once you have found them. Love goes beyond the boundaries of time, so even if you haven’t seen this person for years it’s okay to still want to be with them. It is possible for someone you loved as a teenager to still move you in the same way even if they don’t actually fit into your life anymore.

You will always wonder how they are doing, what became of their life, and whether or not they have found happiness after being with you all those years ago. The memories you have together are precious, and no matter what time has come between the two of you it does not mean that your love should be forgotten.

Love is Worth It

It’s easy to fall in love with someone beautiful – but it takes a real person to stay in love with them even when they are no longer physically attractive. Love is about who they are on the inside, not how they look on the outside.

Love takes a lot of patience and endurance because you will find yourself challenged by this person time and time again. Obstacles always arise when two people live together in a relationship, but it’s the love that keeps them going. If either person gives up in a relationship, then they never truly loved each other in the first place.

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If you can follow these 10 lessons as your personal guidelines, then you will find yourself becoming a better person because of it. Love is made from one person to another, and it’s about being involved in relationships that are healthy for both people involved. This journey begins with just one small step. Keep taking those steps every day, and soon you will look back in wonder at how far you have come.

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