19 Reason Why You Don’t Change Your Habbit

We all know that we should change our habits. The problem is, it’s hard to do! We’ve been conditioned by society to believe that change is difficult and painful; if you want something new, you have to give up what you already have. But the truth is, the only thing standing in your way of success is fear.

Fear can make any task seem impossible- even when it isn’t. Fear will tell you that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve a better life. If this sounds like something that may be holding you back from trying for a healthier lifestyle, then read on!

This article has 19 reasons why people fail at changing their habits and some tips on how they can get started with theirs.

They’re convinced they can’t do it

Believing in yourself is essential to success. If you don’t think you can do it, then you probably won’t be able to. Start by changing your mindset and believing that you can make a change for the better.

They’re too afraid to try

This fear of failure is known as performance anxiety, and it can stop you from taking action. The next time you feel this overwhelm coming on, take a minute to reassure yourself that you’re going to be alright no matter what happens while also visualizing success.

They don’t have enough time for it

If you’ve been putting off the gym because you don’t have enough time, then change your perception. Rather than thinking of it as a 30 minute workout, try to break it up into smaller increments throughout the day. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can accomplish with little pockets of time!

They don’t have the money for it

Gyms can be expensive, but they’re not your only option. There are plenty of workouts you can do at home without any equipment- all you need is a little bit of space!

They don’t know where to start

If this is you, then start by finding an article or video about the type of exercise you’re interested in. Once you have a general idea, search for beginner routines that will help get you started.

Their old routine was comfortable and easy

Unfortunately, comfort zones rarely lead to growth. If your old routine was easy and didn’t require much effort from you, then it’s time to challenge yourself. Seek out new experiences, try things you’ve never done before, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised by how much more motivated you are!

They don’t have a support system

Surrounding yourself with positive people is essential for success. When you have a cheering squad behind you, it’s much easier to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Their old routine was effective

This can be a difficult mindset to break out of, but it’s important to remember that change is good! Just because something was successful in the past doesn’t mean it will be in the future. Be open to new opportunities and changes that will help you grow as an individual.

They’re not motivated

This can be a tough hurdle to get over, but there are ways to overcome it! Start by finding someone or something that inspires you, whether it’s a book, meme, or something someone said to you.

They don’t believe in themselves

If this is the case with you, then take your time and evaluate your skills. Find an opportunity that will allow you to challenge yourself and try new things without judgment from others around you. If you’re not sure where to start, ask for some constructive criticism!

They don’t know where they belong yet

This lack of belonging can be difficult for people who are struggling with their identity or sense of self-worth. You may feel like you need to wait until you figure out who you are before doing anything else (which isn’t always case), but what you should do instead is think about the things that are most important to you. Once you can identify these things, search for environments that allow you to include them in your daily life.

They don’t have the resources they need

If this is the case with you, then go out and find it! Resources are all around you- libraries hold plenty of helpful material, your work probably has free resources or handouts for their members, etc. You may even be able to find something online that will help get you started!

They’re overwhelmed by how much effort it’s going to take

Set small goals for yourself rather than trying to achieve everything at once! Start by making yourself aware of what needs to be done in order to change your habit, then take small steps towards reaching those goals. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

They’re not sure if it’s worth it

This is a valid concern and it’s important to ask yourself this question before making any changes. However, the answer is usually yes! There are plenty of benefits to changing your habits, ranging from increased productivity to improved mental and physical health. Figure out what’s important to you and go for it!

They have too many bad habits to replace

This is a common belief, but in most cases it isn’t true! Once you master one habit, it’ll be much easier for you to build up momentum and change another one! Try breaking down your goal into smaller achievable goals, then take each one at a time until you achieve your final goal. Remember that change takes time and patience!

They’re too afraid to try

This is another common reason why people don’t change their habits. However, remember that fear is normal and everyone feels it at some point! The key is to not let your fear control you, but rather to use it as motivation to push yourself forward.

They don’t want to mess up

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes you’re going to make mistakes! Remember that there are always ways to improve, whether it’s by trying again or learning from your mistakes.

They’re not in the right environment

It’s important to find a setting that allows you to stay motivated and on track with what you’re trying to achieve. If this is the case for you, then adjust your routine by adding in extra things such as taking walks outside or listening to motivating music when working out.

They don’t know how to make it stick

This can definitely be a problem! Search around for different strategies that’ll help motivate you when times get tough; whether it’s a new workout playlist or a quick motivational video before bed, give yourself every chance of succeeding!


Trying something new can be a scary prospect at first- especially if you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into. However, it’s important to remember that fear is normal and everybody feels it at some point! The key is to not let your fear control you, but rather to use it as motivation to push yourself forward.