10 Tips How to Stop Being Miserable About Anything

It is hard to be happy with anything in life.

You may not always be able to break out of the bad moods, but there are ways you can make it easier on yourself. There are many ways that you can stop being miserable about anything. It could be something as simple as just changing your perspective or making a conscious effort to get out of the house and do things you love. Be mindful, not all at once. Try one or two tips at a time and see what works for you!

Do not be afraid to talk it out

Admitting that you are upset about something takes a lot of courage and strength. Sometimes your friends or family may not want to hear it, but sometimes they do. If talking does not help, find someone who you know will be there with open ears and an open heart.

Do not bottle everything up inside; another good thing is to talk to yourself about the matter at hand. You can even write letters if you feel like you need to get things out in the form of words and sentences rather than speaking them aloud.

Take care of yourself

When you feel like everything is going wrong and life has dealt you a bad hand, make sure to take care of yourself. Tune in to the things that make you happy and relax. Eat healthy, exercise and sleep. When you take care of yourself like this, not only will you feel better physically, but your mental health will improve immensely as well.

Being in a good mood enhances the way we see things; we look at problems from many different angles instead of finding one singular reason to blame our unhappiness on.

Do something nice for someone else

You do not have to go out and commit a crime or hurt anyone to make them happy (even though sometimes it works). You can bake cookies for your friend who just broke up with her boyfriend or write a long letter telling your grandmother that she is the best grandmother in the whole wide world!

Doing anything nice for someone else gets you out of your own head and lets you see things from another person’s perspective. You can get out of your own head by thinking of someone else who has more problems than you do!

Get in the habit

This can be something as simple as putting on your favourite perfume and taking a walk through the park by yourself to reflect, writing in a journal, reading a good book or making some tea to sip on while you watch your favourite TV show.

Do not make it obvious that you are doing this- if someone asks why you are smiling so much all of a sudden say “oh I’ve just been thinking/watching/reading _ lately” instead of saying something along the lines of “I am just really happy today!” If you let them know that nothing is wrong with you, they might start worrying about you again.

Stop comparing to other people

Other people may seem happier or more successful than you are, but they may be doing things to make themselves happy that you are not aware of. Everyone is fighting their own battles and no one is perfect.

It does not do us any good to compare ourselves to other people because it leaves us feeling less-than, when in reality we are all equal in the grand scheme of things. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself stop comparing your insides with everyone else’s outsides immediately.

Let go of grudges and move on with your life!

Sometimes letting things go makes us happier because we no longer have the weight of the problem dragging us down. Do not try to forget about it, just learn to live with one foot in this world and one foot in the next-up above.

If they did something wrong then honour them enough by moving on with your life and letting them see that they did not break you. Grudges only hurt the person holding them, so give them up for your own sake – you will find that it is easier said than done at first!


Give back to the world in a way that is meaningful to you by volunteering somewhere or tutoring a child who needs help reading. Being around people who love doing things for others makes us humanitarians ourselves, because we realize how good it feels to help other people even when we are feeling down about ourselves or our own problems.

We also get reminded of the important things in life that make us happy when we volunteer sometimes too! Making someone smile never fails to put a smile on our own faces.


If someone does something wrong to you apologize for getting angry with them, but do not let them convince you that they are sorry about what they did- if they were truly sorry, they would not have done it in the first place. Do not be afraid to talk to them about the problem either; face it head on and deal with it instead of letting it push itself under the rug where you will step on it again later!

Be brave, look them right in the eye and tell them how their actions or words made you feel without being too harsh. Just make sure that your conversation remains productive and ends with a solution so both parties can walk away happy! You cannot move forward until all loose ends are tied up properly so take care of it right away!

Take up a hobby

Doing something that you love every day makes your life more meaningful and fulfilling. It is important to find time for whatever activities are meaningful to you in order to keep your heart healthy- the heart being just as important as any other organ in our bodies because it pumps blood through our veins and we need oxygen in order to survive, after all!

If we do not take care of ourselves then we cannot expect anyone else to want us around either, so don’t let people walk over you by allowing them to see that they can get under your skin and bother you constantly. Do not give them the satisfaction of knowing that they are affecting you because if they realize it then their behaviour will only escalate.

Make the effort to improve your mental health

If you struggle with anxiety, depression or any other type of mental illness then contact your doctor about finding a therapist near you to help get your problems under control. It can be hard to take that first step and reach out for help, but no one should be suffering in silence because it is not healthy for them or anyone else around them. You do not need to face your issues alone; get excited instead!

Your life is waiting for you to make yourself happy again after all – who knows how much longer you would have continued suffering without making the changes necessary to quell your sorrows? Make an effort to become the person you were meant to be today by leaving your problems behind once and for all!


There are so many ways to stop being miserable about anything in life- we just have to let go of the weight of our problems and put one foot in front of the other so we can move forward. Take it one day at a time and do not try to change everything all at once because you will only get overwhelmed and might give up. One thing at a time, one step at a time is the right mindset you should have when making any changes in your life – small or big. You will be so glad that you did!

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