10 Ways to Finally Let It Go

Everybody has had an experience where they’ve been upset about something, and it took them a long time to finally let it go. But what are some easy ways to help you let go of the bad memories? Here are ten Ways to Finally Let It Go:

Meditate or take deep breaths

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, especially if they were a huge part of your life at one point. There are two ways that you can easily overcome this feeling: meditation and taking long, steady breaths. If you sit down for five minutes and just think about relaxing, suddenly you’ll feel so much better.

This is the perfect way to forget about something that makes you upset, and it’s very easy to do! All you need to do is sit down, take a couple of deep breaths, and think about something happy or calming. You should also try to avoid situations that remind us of our pain and find more positive things in your life.

Do what makes you happy

We all need to take time for ourselves, even if life can get busy. Sometimes our friends are there for us, but other times we need to make sure that we’re able to do things by ourselves. If you have these opportunities, use them! This is the perfect way to show yourself that you deserve better.

Take a couple of hours out of your day and just do what makes you happy. It could be anything from reading a book, maybe listening to music, talking with friends on social media, or taking a walk around the block. Whatever it is that makes you happy doesn’t matter as long as you stay positive throughout your journey.

Think about how much better off you are now

Overcoming negativity is hard work, but it’s definitely worth the effort in the end. Think about how much better you are now compared to when you let that negative event get to you. When you feel like everything is going wrong, take a step back and think about why your life is better right now because of letting go. Weeks, months, or even years from now, you’ll be happy with yourself for making this decision and choosing a positive future instead of dwelling on the past.

Sometimes those sad moments seem as if they last forever, but always try your hardest to remember that there will come a point where those memories won’t affect you any more!

Stay away from social media

Social media is one of the best ways to spread positivity, but it’s also a great way to get you down. We all have our favorite social media sites where we love to post pictures, leave tweets, or even just scroll through our news feeds for fun. But when something goes wrong in your life, people tend to try and push their happiness onto you by sharing statuses that show off their amazing lives. Or sometimes your friends might be going through some problems themselves which makes them very sensitive about their issues.

This can lead to arguments where nobody’s happy with what they say because both sides think they are right and don’t want to drop the subject. So remember: whenever you feel like you’re sad about something, stay away from social media. It’s often a good way to make you feel worse about your own life, and it can bring up some negative memories that might have been buried for years!

Have faith in yourself

Our lives are very precious, but they are also very short. Like everyone else on this earth, you deserve to live the best life possible without feeling like you’ve had any bad luck. When you let go of all those negative feelings, you show yourself that anything is possible if you just work hard enough.

You should never have any doubts about what your future holds because it will always be bright as long as you keep looking past your present problems and working towards a better future.

Think about some people who care about you

The people in our lives are very important, and sometimes we don’t spend enough time thinking about them. Everyone needs to pay attention to the people they love because it can make a world of difference when something goes wrong.

Remember that there are some people out there who care about you even if you feel like nobody else does. When you let go of some negative vibes, think about how much better you’ll feel if some positive ones come into your mind. There are plenty of people who love you, but sometimes it’s hard to see that because of the problems in our own lives.

Take a break and relax for a bit

When you’re in the middle of all these crazy thoughts running through your head, it’s hard to think clearly and make any good decisions at all! So this is why we recommend that whenever you feel like giving up, just take some time off. You don’t have to be strong or positive all the time; life isn’t about being perfect!

Sometimes we need to just let go and give our minds a little rest from everything that has been going wrong lately. Just try and forget about yourself for a little while so you can finally clear your mind and calm down enough to focus on what matters: making yourself happy again!

Take a nice long walk outside

Everyone needs some fresh air every once in a while! When you’re feeling down it can be hard to get up from the couch and go outside. But if you do take the time to walk around outside, we guarantee that you’ll feel a lot better about things when you get back! It usually helps if we focus on all the wonderful things that come along with nature: like flowers, trees, and animals too!

If this doesn’t make you feel any better, take some money out and buy yourself something nice (or even donate your old stuff)! You shouldn’t be sad when there are so many amazing things in this world for us to enjoy.

Do some deep breathing exercises

Doing something simple like taking a few deep breaths can calm down your nerves. Whenever we start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, our minds just won’t be able to handle the pressure. So that’s why it’s always good to have some techniques at hand for situations like these.

What you need to do is sit down in a quiet place and breathe in through your nose while counting up to 10, but don’t let yourself exhale until you get up to 10! Then, repeat this three times so you can finally relax again! Deep breathing has been proven time and time again by people who practice meditation daily. It might be hard for us to find the time to meditate every day, but we should definitely try and do it as often as possible!

Be grateful for everything that you have in your life

This is a great way to remind yourself that you can always find some happiness from within. If you’re feeling down because of something bad, just take a second and think about all the good things in your life instead! Sometimes we can get so caught up with wanting more things or getting revenge on people who make us angry that we forget things like how lucky we are for having an amazing family or lots of friends at all!

t also doesn’t matter if you have money or not, someone out there might be going through an even harder time than you right now. Don’t judge other people by their looks either; try and see what they need the most. All these good things in your life now are what make you who you are, so try and keep them close to your heart!


If you’re going through a difficult time right now, try and remember what we told you above! We hope that these 10 simple things will help you realize that everything is going to be okay in the end. Be kind to yourself and don’t forget about how special you are! We all have those days when we just want to give up and feel sorry for ourselves, but it’s not worth losing all those great things we already have in our lives!

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