10 Ways To Get Organized Before The Holidays Hit

In today’s fast-paced world where we have less and less time for ourselves, taking some time out to organize is essential if we want to enjoy what is most important: our family and friends!

When the holidays are just around the corner and you may or may not be prepared. With only a few weeks left to prepare, you must take the time to get organized before all of the craziness ensues. Here are 10 Ways To Get Organized Before The Holidays Hit – whether it’s your home, your work life, or your personal life.

Eliminate Clutter

The holidays bring a sense of joy and magic, but also a lot of clutter. There will be gifts to wrap, food to prepare, and people coming over at the drop of a hat. It can seem overwhelming to keep up with it all! Take some time before the festivities begin and clear your living space from any unnecessary items that may have accumulated throughout the year.

This is also a great time for you to donate or sell items you no longer need or want. You’ll feel better getting them out of your home if they are going to someone who needs them more than you do – perhaps a charity?

Start A New Tradition

The holidays are a time of celebration, but sometimes the same traditions from year to year can become monotonous or even boring! Change things up by planning some new activities that everyone in the family will love! Start an ornament swap with your nephew, go play around your neighborhood, make pinecone wreaths – whatever you want to do to celebrate the season!

One fun idea is to take an old holiday card that you’ve received over the years and arrange it on a poster board. This is not only great wall art for your home this time of year, but it’s also a great scrapbooking material if you’re collecting cards from your loved ones.

Wrap Gifts in Advance

This is often one of the most dreaded tasks around the holidays, next to baking cookies! Take some time before everyone gets here and wrap all of your presents in advance so that when the family arrives there are no more excuses for being late to dinner because you’re stuck wrapping gifts!

It’s also helpful if you adhere to a budget while wrapping – nothing says “cheap” like giving someone an awkwardly wrapped present with masking tape holding it together! Try spending a little bit more on nice wrapping paper and ribbon instead of the standard brown paper bag or newspaper – it makes a world of difference aesthetically.

Make A Year-End Cleanse for Your Business Or Career

No matter what you do for your job, there likely is room for improvement. If you’ve been thinking of making a change but haven’t quite made the leap yet, this is a great time to spend on planning out all of the changes that need to be made for next year’s goals! Now is also an excellent time to stop bad habits or behaviors before they become more ingrained in your life.

It could be as simple as limiting your social media time at work, or it can be more involved like redefining your goals and objectives moving forward. This will not only help you feel better about yourself on a personal level – which leads to our first point! – but it will also likely increase productivity on top of that, which leads to our next point.

Practice Yoga, Meditation or Find Other Ways To Improve Your Mental Wellness

Holidays are known for being stressful even when you’re happy about them! Between shopping, baking, cleaning, and traveling to visit family, it’s no wonder so many people get stressed out this time of year. Take some time in the early mornings or evenings this month to practice yoga or mediation.

These activities release feel-good endorphins that help you relax and decrease cortisol levels – which can increase your risk of developing stress-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes! Additionally, quieting the mind is a great way to clear out all of those last-minute thoughts and worries so you can truly enjoy your time off.

Make A Plan For The New Year

This might seem like an odd tip for an article about enjoying this time of year – but hear us out! When you plan it not only helps set short-term goals that will be easier to achieve, it also makes long-term ones seem more within reach and less daunting and overwhelming!

No matter what your long-term goal is – getting healthier, finding love or even something as simple as saving enough money for a new car – setting monthly milestones that lead up to that endpoint can help keep you motivated and on track. We highly recommend checking out some of the available new year planners on Etsy!

Get Off Social Media

Social media can be helpful in some ways, but it can also make you feel like you’re “missing out” on life if you don’t stay active on all of your favorite sites. This is especially true during the holidays – when everyone’s posting about their parties and their presents!

However, taking a break for even just two weeks can help keep social media from becoming an obsessive pastime that keeps you from enjoying your time off. It’s not easy at first – trust us, we know! But after the first few days pass, you’ll probably find it gets easier and easier to return to your pre-holiday routine of more in-depth, meaningful interactions.

Spend Time with The People You Love

This isn’t just another way of saying “spend time with your family!” This is about enjoying those special people in your life – whether it’s partners, friends, siblings, or anyone else who you consider to be significant!

Try planning out a monthly brunch date with your bestie or planning an epic cross-country road trip for the summer with your partner. Life is too short not to spend as much time as possible getting to do and experience all of the amazing things that make each person unique and special! Spending quality time together makes everyone happier and healthier in the long run.

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, the holidays are a great time to get rid of things you don’t love or use! Start with your wardrobe – is there anything in there that’s been hanging around for years without seeing the light of day? If so, it’s probably time to part ways. Whether you sell them at a consignment shop or just donate them to Goodwill, clearing out your closet will give you more space and help you avoid buying new clothes that might end up unused if they’re not exactly what you’re looking for!

On top of that, this is an excellent way to clear out any financial clutter – which can lead to our final point!

Get Organized Financially!

The holidays can be a particularly expensive time of year, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Make sure your spending matches your values and what is truly important to you. Taking the time to organize your finances before this hectic season hits can help you identify any areas where you may be overspending or wasting money that could be better used elsewhere.

Finding ways to cut back on spending – whether it’s building up an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, saving up for a big holiday purchase or just paying off credit card debt instead of letting it accumulate – ensures that when the holidays are here in full force, you’ll not only have all of your shopping done way ahead of schedule but also have plenty leftover in case anything unexpected happens!


The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time, but they don’t have to be. Take these 10 essential steps to get organized before the craziness begins – you’ll feel better prepared for whatever life throws at you if you do! Hope everyone enjoyed these quick tips and tricks! Happy Holidays!!

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