Why You Should Stop Sorry To Yourself

When was the last time you said “sorry” to yourself?

When was the last time you said “sorry” to yourself? I’m not talking about when someone bumped into you and you responded with an automatic “no problem, sorry”. I mean when was the last time you chastised yourself for not doing something well enough, scolded yourself for making a mistake, or berated yourself for allowing something to happen?

It’s probably been a while, right? I’m willing to bet that after reading this article so far you haven’t said “sorry” once. That’s because saying sorry to yourself has become a useless form of self-pity that doesn’t do anything for you. It does nothing but make you feel worse, and can lead to things like depression. As we all know, you should not be sorry for yourself. Here are 10 reasons Why You Should Stop Sorry To Yourself:

Saying sorry to yourself is lying to yourself

You’re not sorry for the things you say to yourself, because if you were, you would stop saying them! What’s more is that when we apologize (even silently) for something we know we shouldn’t be doing, we’re just reinforcing that behavior and making it harder to change our outlook on that thing.

So what happens when we tell ourselves how terrible of a person we are? We continue thinking that way because we’re telling ourselves this over and over again! It’s like saying “no” to drugs: you can’t just do it once or twice before giving up; you have to be in your resolve so deep that you never say it again. Stop lying to yourself.

Saying sorry to yourself means you’re not focusing on the present

How can you ever hope to fix something if you don’t think about what’s happening at this very moment? The past is gone, but mistakes are still being made right now! Why waste time critiquing something that’s done when there’s so much to do before it’s even done?

You need to spend more time thinking about what you’re doing at the moment, and less time thinking about what you’ve already done. If your focus is entirely on the past, then you’ll never be able to improve on anything in the future because you’ll have no idea of how to make it better!

Saying sorry to yourself means you’re afraid of taking risks

Let’s make one thing clear: the only way you can get anywhere in life is by making mistakes! Life doesn’t go according to plan, and there are bound to be bumps along the road. If you take every little misstep that happens as a sign that you should stop trying, then you’ll never accomplish anything.

You can’t achieve what you want if you’re not willing to take chances and put yourself out there, no matter how small those changes might be. You will never go anywhere in life by sitting around and saying sorry to yourself; you need to always be ready to do something and try something new!

Saying sorry to yourself means you’re being selfish

Did you know that how much we say “sorry” is a reflection of how selfish we are? When we apologize, it’s because we feel guilty about something and want to get rid of that guilt by making amends! This doesn’t mean we’re trying to make other people feel better; it means we’re trying to make ourselves feel better!

Do you know what’s the opposite of selfishness? Giving. When you give to other people, you free yourself from guilt and can finally stop saying sorry. It sounds harsh but it’s true: saying sorry is one of the most selfish things you can do with your time!

Saying sorry to yourself is a waste of time

Time is something you can never get back, and spending it trying not to say “sorry” literally means that you’re wasting the only thing there is! When we waste time thinking about all the things going wrong or making mistakes in our lives, we’re killing a part of ourselves.

It’s a race against time, and if you’re going to end up dead then it hardly makes a difference how much you try to stop yourself from saying sorry! You might as well focus on things that can keep you alive rather than worrying about the minute details of your life.

Saying sorry to yourself means you’re ignoring your problems

Saying sorry to yourself is like downplaying everything wrong in your life; it’s like giving up on yourself before you even try to give up on whatever problem you might face next! It doesn’t solve anything either because it only keeps the bad, negative thoughts swirling around in your head even more.

Instead of facing your problems head-on, you’re letting them fester until they can cause some damage. It’s like if someone keeps hitting you on the nose and you keep blocking it with your hand; eventually, your hand is going to get bruised! You need to let the bad things happen, then deal with them when they do…not try to stop them from happening in the first place!

Saying sorry to yourself only makes things worse for you down the line

When you keep trying to avoid your problems, it’s like planting a seed and keeping it hidden under the soil; eventually, that seed is going to grow into something so big that you’ll have no idea how to deal with it when the time comes! If you’re not willing to face the problem upfront, then you’re going to end up dealing with a lifetime of problems that could have been solved in one go.

Saying sorry to yourself isn’t going to make anything better; in fact, it’s only going to make things worse and worse over time! It’s a problem that has to be dealt with, and if you ignore it then there will never be a solution. You can’t keep saying sorry as a way of trying to fix things; it makes the situation worse every time you do!

Saying sorry to yourself means you’re stuck in the past

We all say things that we later regret, or do things that we wish we hadn’t done…and it’s OK! We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect so no matter how much you apologize for your actions if someone has already forgiven you then there’s nothing left to worry about! Saying sorry just drags the past into the present, and it’s holding you back from doing anything new or interesting.

Instead of spending your time saying sorry to yourself, you should spend it trying to make up for what you did wrong…or at least learn from the mistakes you made so they don’t ever happen again.

Saying sorry to yourself is a sign that you’re insecure

Well, most of the time it is; people who say they’re sorry all the time are usually trying to earn other people’s approval and attention! These people also tend to be vague most of the time because they’re worried about looking like an idiot.

What most of these sorry people don’t understand is that you need to be confident in yourself! You can’t expect other people to like you if you don’t like yourself; it’s like building up a house without any support beams! If someone doesn’t like you, then they’re not worth your time.

Saying sorry to yourself keeps the cycle of negativity going

As I mentioned before, saying sorry to yourself doesn’t do anything positive for you; it just makes it more and more difficult to deal with the problems in your life! If there’s one thing that we can never predict or control, then it’s negativity.

It would be like trying to fight against the wind; no matter how hard you try to push back, the wind will always be stronger. If you’re feeling negative about something in life, then you need to find a way to snap yourself out of it and focus on the good things in your life!


Saying sorry to yourself is like throwing gas onto a fire; it’s not going to help at all, and it’s only going to make the situation worse. Take it from me; I’ve countless times said sorry to myself for something that was totally out of my control! It didn’t help at all, and every time I did it made things ten times worse than they were before.

I hope this article has convinced you to stop saying sorry to yourself; you’re only going to make things worse by doing it! Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try focusing on learning from your mistakes and then looking forward to the future. Think about all the amazing things that are waiting for you in life, so don’t waste your time on something that’s not going to do anything but make things worse! 

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